Thursday, August 26, 2021
Arizona, USA

"Nigeria's fragile entity is rapidly on a downward spiral. Its disintegration or existence is a question of time."- Yahaya Balogun

resident Buhari wants the best for Nigeria, but Buhari is not doing the best to get the best for Nigeria. Mr. President is not listening to patriotic advice; he is mute with recalcitrance preparing for failure of leadership. No matter Buhari's accomplishments in governance, if the masses do not enjoy the dividends of their mandate for him, he is a failure. President Buhari is either lily-livered, tired, or ill-motivated by the fear of his ethnic base at the expense of the security of all Nigerians. How do you explain to your foreign counterparts the level of insecurity in the Homeland-Nigeria?

In real-time! History romanticizes with President Muhammadu Buhari, but the recalcitrant Buhari is pushing away the romanticism of history. The big story and moral lessons from Buhari's persona are how not to throw away the favorable judgment of history; and how not to be the controversial guy who was favored to make history but refused to date history. Unfortunately, history is an ass; it has no respect for sloppy leaders indifferent to self-inflicted problems and unfavorable judgment of history. Buhari operates in a contradictory and Hobbesian society, where life is short, brutish, and nasty. We must not have sympathy for a leader whose envisioned mind lacks an inclusive and collective vision to bring out the best from the contradictory people he leads. While a leader stands by the courage of his convictions, an intelligent leader leverages the opportunity bestowed upon him to make history.

However, leadership is a combination of responsibility and accountability. Once a leader veers away from responsibility, it will be a daunting issue to grapple with accountability. As a bruised Buharist, the day the administration of Muhammadu Buhari began to appease banditry and kissing the asses of born-again former Boko Haram was the day I reconsidered my complete hope in a destined and consequential man with a nauseating vision for posterity. Where is the rule of law in Nigeria? How many evil-minded and corrupt people in Nigeria have been brought to book for heinous crimes against humanity and innocent citizens? Why is Mr. President afraid of restructuring a dysfunctional nation yearning for redemption and unity? Why is Mr. President not considering the suggestion of returning to regional autonomy—where each region uses what it has to develop at its own pace?

Meanwhile, why is Buhari not being a leader like Winston Churchill? Culled from Mr. Yakubu Muhammed's article in The Guardian of August 25, 2021: "when Britain and its allies faced an ignominious defeat by Adolf Hitler's Nazi German Army and British troops were forced to evacuate from Dunkirk during the Second World War, Churchill roused his countrymen and women with the peroration that went thus: "We shall not flag nor fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France and on the seas and oceans. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air; we shall defend our island whatever the cost…. We shall never surrender." This was the concluding part of his address to the House of Commons on June 4, 1940.

Why is President Buhari griming with lackluster and futile determination when the solutions to our intractable problems are being evaded for apparent reasons known to him and the oligarchs? Why is the Commander-in-Chief not commanding the Nigerian troops and the patriots to bring the best out of a country being battered by banditry and insecurity? Nigeria has morphed from one crisis of words to another. From annulment to a political impasse, from stepping aside to interim government, from the slow poison of Abubakar's government to an anarchic and abachaic assassination period, from cunning Mr. Tortoise's administration to a clueless and corrupt regime. The recalcitrant Buhari's administration is signature with all the nuances of insecurity: Boko Haram, Kidnapping, political assassination, citizens riots and secessions, banditry and appeasement and rewards for heinous crimes of Boko Haram. Nigeria has endured a lot since its nationhood. Yet, how Nigeria remains standing is beyond rational imagination and human understanding.

Sadly, Nigeria is bleeding profusely. Those who pretend to see the insecurity in the nation as status quo are the evilest Nigerians. Some of us who are unrepentant patriots thought Nigeria was a work-in-progress. The recent common denominator (insecurity) of our collective sufferings shows that Nigeria is not ready to use what it has to get what it wants. When I saw the exodus of striking Nigerian Doctors (currently on strike for low paychecks) queuing up at Saudi Arabia's recruiting agency center in Abuja today, my patriotic zeal was angered, rattled, and saddened. The sunken treasures in Nigeria are running out of the troubled country with self-inflicted wounds. Nigeria must come together immediately. We must jettison our mutual destructive attitude and tribal bitterness to see beyond the current dystopia state of our beleaguered nation.

Lastly and sincerely speaking, Nigerian insecurity is not by happenstance. Mr. President, and his administration, through intelligence survey, know the financiers and enablers of insecurity in Nigeria. Buhari's encumbrance is the lack of leadership bluntness and the "don't give a damn" attitude to deal with the political and economic saboteurs. The political and religious sects are ossifying Nigeria's woes. No one cares to know your sources of wealth as long as you release and flaunt the crumbs inside the famished plates of the ignorant and impoverished citizens. Wealth and grandstand are the new normal in Nigeria. This is where the frugal Buhari got it wrong. With Buhari's zero interest in wealth accumulation and zero tolerance for corruption, his first term in office would have made him the Wilson Churchill of Britain or Paul Kagame of Rwanda. While Buhari refuses to have a mutual romance with history, Buhari's date with history is running out of time.