Thursday, August 19, 2021
Arizona, USA

aiti is situated on a rustic island.

Its climacteric of the 19th century is scathed. A poor nation with poor people is broken. Haiti, a nation in ruin from man and nature. Man-made disaster helps natural calamity. The Caribbean nation's hardships aren't axed. Let the hardships be weaning to give redress!

Politics is mixed with squalor in Haiti. The citizens are hurting and hungry. Nature is pounding the trouble Haitians With earthquakes and tsunami of poverty. In a jiffy, the Haitian President was felled By the seeming bullets of the adversaries. Let the people of Haiti create their future!

Haiti, the epicenter of misery is traumatized. Pains, poverty, parlor, and pillaging dot Haiti. Haiti's structural statements are in distress. Haiti was pancaked a decade ago. The famished city of Port-au-Prince needs succor From the devastation of woeful mother nature. Let the Haitians be expectant of normal life.

Who will save Haitians from mother nature? Who will rescue Haiti from the century of anguish? In 2010, Haiti was caked into ruins indexing At 7.0 on the Richter scale with more than 300,000 deaths of young and old Haitians. In 2021, 7.2 temblor boulders the famished enclave With smoldering ashes of human remains. 1,950 deaths, still tallying the humans under rubble.

Haiti, a nation in the abridge of time! Let the world come to Haitians' rescue; let the world Give Haitians reprieve from the anguish of nature. Life is not fair; life is an inequality provider of life. In America, the battle for arrogance has morphed Into a war on behalf of ignorance and rascality. Haiti and the US, tales of two nations With different or (im)moral codes (wealth and squalor)!