Monday, April 26, 2021
Arizona, USA

"Hapless Nigerians are numbed to daily killings and maiming in Nigeria." -Yahaya Balogun

"You will think the man is what you understand him to be, intuitively, or, in most cases, he isn't what you think, he is what he hides." - Yahaya Balogun

igeria has morphed from a joke state to a pariah nation. The country is now scattered with the graveyards of innocent citizens mowed down at their prime and political infancy. The crackdown on the Biafran agitators in Imo State by the security agents a few days ago is wholly unacceptable. Enough of President Buhari inequity in the distribution of justice in Nigeria.

Every life matters. How ordinary citizens are surviving in Nigeria is a mystery of misery. Buhari has become an abysmal disappointment and a representation of the country's plethora of woes and insecurity. Nigeria is jinxed. Nigeria is currently under a chronic spell of failed leadership and confused hapless followership. International Human Rights Organizations need to study and research the number of people that have died under the insecurity, inefficiency, and deliberate indifference of President Muhammadu Buhari's government. The old man's current regime is a cataclysmic failure!

Seriously, Nigeria’s citizens are in the long-haul suffering on a famished cloud in a journey to nowhere! Nigerians in the diaspora are reluctant to jet into the homeland for fear of social vices and chaos. Who will save Nigeria? We reposed our mandate in the hands of the old General Buhari, he has failed us. Under unfettered patriotism, we offered well-thought-out suggestions and proffered seasoned solutions to our socio-economic and political problems in Nigeria, the deafening and insulting silence from President Buhari has caused more harm than good for a bleeding nation.

Meanwhile, politically, out of passionate love and support for a nation we dearly love, we fought for Muhammadu Buhari; the skeptics wailed and abused us. The Buharists jabbed and mercilessly pounded the waivers' conscience with writings and false expectations. All our brawling silliness with one another and the social contract we signed with Mr. Integrity have come to null. The man has failed us woefully. This writer relentlessly sold Buhari's hyped integrity for his teeming readers, but Buhari hid under the canopy of tribalism, and gerontocracy to rule a nation with bountiful natural resources and impeccable human capital. President Buhari willfully and completely sidelined the vibrant youths who are the engine of growth and development in Nigeria. We thought Buhari belonged to nobody whereas, his deliberate actions and indifference show him as a man who belongs to a section of his ethnic enclaves. Fulani terrorists are killing our people. Kidnappers are having field days in the bushes killing for ransom and rituals, and the nation's silence is the quietness of the graveyards.

Sadly, Mr. Integrity’s hyped integrity has now fizzled into the firmament of cursed Nigerian politics. Genuine wailers warned us that the old General Buhari is weakened, and looked suspiciously ebbed in tribalism. The wailers were right, and “We the Buharists” were wrong. It took the real former Buharists some time to notice the deliberate indifference and nepotism of a leader we collectively signed a social contract with! We made "enemies" out of blooming friends. The friends of our friends became our enemies. All in the name routing for a man who doesn't give a damn in our collective damnation. Now, it's like we have collectively subscribed to the mutually assured destruction; the result of a man who cares less about us.

How a nation's President can be shielding an alleged terrorist sympathizer in his cabinet is sickening and unbelievable in a nation under the siege of ineffective leadership and domestic terrorism. The former wailers and the current wailing wailers (we the former Buharists) are now entangled in the same web of mess and disappointment—an insignia of a contraption in a wasteland. “Who will save a dying Nigeria?” This is another misery and agonized question from a dark chapter in the Nigerian book of Lamentations.