Thursday, April 22, 2021
Arizona, USA

"This historic judgment today should be the beginning of a new beginning in addressing racial injustices and race relations in America." -Yahaya Balogun

collective sigh of relief is palpable across the United States of America tonight. Justice has been served beyond the minority group's usual expectations in a society bedeviled with systemic racism, conscious and unconscious biases, and prejudices. This judgment is a just justice and "a giant step forward in the match towards (racial) justice in America." Racial equality and social justice are crucial more than ever before in America. America has a lot of work to do to disabuse the minds of its citizens of systemic racism, racial inequality, and social injustice against minority groups in America. We are all human beings; because we are all human beings, we must not keep silent in the face of deliberate indifference, stereotypical abuse, criminal-mindedness, and tyranny.

Meanwhile, nothing lasts forever. And behind the terrible ugly heads are brilliant skulls yearning for tranquility and equity in the world. Kudos to the young teenager Darnella Fraizer who steadily videoed the lynching of George Floyd by the ex-cop, Derek Chauvin. Darnella Fraizer was very courageous, and she joined other miffed witnesses who protested while a man was slowly killing another man in cold blood. It's emotionally exhausting to see a horrible lethal knee-jerk of Chauvin deep down into the neck of George Floyd. George Floyd was silenced to death with the mindless inhumanity of a privileged man to an underprivileged man in the stunning eyes of the world. The world was keenly watching the whole historic trial of Chauvin, and the world heaved a sigh of recourse for justice served unanimously.

Joe Biden is a good man. Kamala Harris is a woman of destiny. America must be alive to its declaration and creed to lead the world again. Biden and Harris are godsends. They are meant for this dicey or unpredictable and potentially dangerous moment in America and the world. President Biden was created and destined to rehabilitate-error-minded individuals in our society. Americans conscripted Biden through franchise to heal a nation grappling with self-inflicted problems. His immediate predecessor did a lot of polarization to hurt a country we all love. Joe Biden is a man of empathy. He was brought up and elected to restore the elusive unity and peace, bedeviling a nation we all adore and identify with. The greatness of America has faltered, but it must not fall or fail us.

There is an urgent need to reform policing in America. The rotten eggs in the profession must be fished out from fouling law-abiding cops. The good men and women in blue and uniforms must be given the deserved honor for their courage, integrity, and incredible service to our dear nation--the United States of America. George Floyd's death must bring healing and unity to a country bruised by racial inequality and injustice. Derek Chauvin's egregious accountability should serve as a deterrent to all bad egg-Cops in a profession we hold dear to protect every member of society.

For great reckoning, the United States must begin a holistic approach to collective self-love and self-healing. Policing is not convenient! Police is an incredible profession in the United States. Police Department is an honored department that carries a responsibility to protect and serve the community with a PRICE---PROFESSIONALISM, RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, COURAGE, AND EFFICIENCY. The dishonorable behavior of a few individuals in the Law Enforcement Agencies should not define every nobleman and woman in the Police Department. Black lives matter! The lives of the good and courageous Police Officers who protect the community matter. All lives matter! Let's begin to heal our collective wounds so that we can all have a collective breathe, exhale hate; inhale love, and yank a collective sigh of relief.

George Floyd died, but his spirit got justice! We must begin to heal our collective wounds in America. Irrespective of our race, color, and creed, all Americans must live within the parameters of equity, equality, harmony, love, tranquillity, and equal justice for all.