Monday, April 5, 2021
Arizona, USA

"COVID-19 is a mixed blessing for the world to reflect on the blasphemous attitude, and the discernment of the Antichrist in our clime!" -By Yahaya Balogun.

IR: The beacon of hope of our time is Pope Francis, our beatitude! He is a quintessential individual shaping a confusing world for posterity, good governance, and revival of souls for the good of mankind. I love and adore the Pope for his venerability. Pope Francis is my man of the year because he is all-encompassing. I have been following this holy man from the inception of his papacy.

Pope Francis's decorum and disposition to the vulnerable people around the world are worth mirroring. His holiness, Pope Francis epitomizes the hope of humanity. He is well-read, intelligent, astute, and all-inclusive in his papacy and sacred assignments to humanity. Pope Francis is a man you will love with passion if you have an instinctive muse. Pope Francis is changing the face of religion in the world, just like President Obama. Pope Francis is redefining war as an ineffective tool or solution to retractable religious and political differences in the world.

One cannot but agree more with this gentlemanís messages of hope and peace to the warring factions in some troubled regions in the world. He preaches peace in a time of war; displays tolerance in a time of divisiveness; blazes a trail in diplomacy in a time of political argy-bargy. He is making history and history is on his side. His holiness is equipped with a compendium of knowledge of the odd world. Pope Francis possesses so many characteristics in common with some leaders who have shaped the world positively, These characteristics include humility, respect, and candor. All these attributes are the true litmus test of a great leader.

The moral persona of Pope Francis is another milestone in Christendom and an example to other world religions. Pope Francis speaks regularly to the conscience of the world. He is a great optimist who believes there is much hope for humanity. The refreshing revelations about Pope Francisís humble beginnings and past added to his reputation as an everymanís Pope who has turned down many of the luxuries and symbolic ephemerals traditionally entitled to pontiffs. He is the antithesis of our ostentatious everyday lives. He believes his security rests squarely in the sacred hands of God and the poor. History is definitely on the side of Pope Francis as he seeks peace instead of war in a beleaguered world.

Pope Francis literally arrested my mind the first day I listened to his conversation. I am impassioned to see a genuine human being despite his or her fallibility trying to make peace among the people of the world. His Christianity to me is very genuine and unblemished. He has attempted to shape the world truthfully. Pope Francis has more than 3 billion followers from the seven billion humans that inhabit the world. The most fascinating personality of the revered Pope is his frugality with worldly things. Pope is simple with caring; understanding with a humane disposition to evil-minded people. He is all-inclusive and preaches love and amity. We pray God preserves him for us and humanity. I love the man with passion because he represents everything I value and care for! The man of God doesn't belong to his faithful and Catholic group alone, he belongs to the world.