Thursday, September 24, 2020
Arizona, USA

"Those who believe the axiom that "Ignorance is bliss" only discovered its true meaning when the bliss began to hiss." -- Kevin Ansbro

ithout equivocation, the political warrior is currently ensconced at his imposing and opulent structure at Bourdilon. He is a master strategist and political gymnast. He is happily peeping through his magnifying glasses to watch how the ignorant masses are savoring and sipping from the imaginary and prism cups of victory.

When PDP loses election to APC, the Nigerian masses (voters) yare and gall with one another. The small and short-term loser, and the short-term winner, in a jiffy, congratulate each other at the expense of their ignorant supporters. While the voters and masses are reveling in the celebration of their own defeat, the small loser in the PDP crisscrosses or cross-carpets to the winning party-APC to regenerate as a member of the new bride of APC. Who cursed the cognition of the plebeians?

Ruefully, the supporters (masses) from the big loser's party-PDP fight the supporters (masses) from the winner's party-APC on cyberspace. The Plebeians #zuckerpunch one another at zuckerville with the pleasure of their opposing but corruption-friendly political masters. The big losers are usually known to dancing in the dystopian streets to the amusement of the small loser and the short-term winner. Such is the democratization of ignorance in the dysfunctional political system in Nigeria.

Now, the political whore-PDP is cruising the ship of temporary victory at the expense of the bedlam of APC supporters. The bedlam supporters are used to the chaotic situation in their country. They have midget minds and short memories! The Abami Eda-Fela of blessed memory once opined and prophesized the nuances of "suffering and smiling" garnished with the aphorism of "e go better." We are a beautiful but adrift country journeying on a road to nowhere!

Unfortunately, the continuum and circumlocution of ignorance are currently in the streets of Nigeria with the celebration of glorified downfall. Interestingly, PDP plus APC is equal to corruption plus masses' ignorance. Nigerian ignorant voters are the deadliest enemies of the Nigerian ignorant voters. As a sociopath politician, wire the already wired minds, you will reap victory over their knuckleheads, effortlessly! And such is the unending and glaring manipulation of the ignorant masses (plebeians) by their sociopathic manipulators and self-styled wimps posing as astute politicians.