Sunday, September 20, 2020
Arizona, USA

here's no doubt that the implicit biases (implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions unconsciously) and stereotypical way of seeing black people are now subject to global uproar and worldwide conversation. The millennials----young black, white, brown, and other races in America are changing the rooted, ground zero, and institutionalized racism in the Western world, particularly the United States of America. The American system has continued to decimate what I call 'infrastructural psychology' of the Black-American people in the United States. At the same time, the black communities are a subject of implicit biases.

While the systemically oppressed black people seek end-to-age-long systemic racism everywhere, the charity must also begin at home. The negative impression and low self-esteem of the young black man should change. When a black man carries himself with dignity, confidence, openness, and grace, any attempt to demean his poise and class will be counterproductive to the 'small mind' attempting to discriminate against him. Let the black man's intelligence command his appearance for unavoidable respect from the public. Black Americans should stop sagging their pants and stop creating a negative impression and stereotyping from their entitled and white privileged American people. Black Americans should curtail all those negative nuances that trigger stereotypes and the negative perception of black people in the eyes of the public. The black communities in the United States should begin to catch our children "young" to be the magnificent representation of the black world. Black is charming! Showcasing the blackness in African Americans' identity should be the new normal.

Interestingly, my social interaction with the black Americans gives me the unquestionable insight into the inherent brilliance and intelligence in the black American people. The intelligence quotient of the average black man is profoundly potent and resourceful. The power of the white majority for centuries in America has decimated the psychology of the black minority. It is disconcerting to see racial injustice still permeating the strong and diverse human resources of the United States of America. Those who are fueling the racial division in the US should be educated and re-orientated to see the beauty of diversity. The world is now a global village where no one should feel entitled and be a subject of monopolized privileges.

Realistically, it is imperative to take a holistic approach to stem discrimination and ingrained racial profiling and the system of policing in the United States. As black Americans, if we respect ourselves, let's listen to law enforcement officers if stopped for traffic violations and routine security checks. If in the process of unjust police pullover, seek redress in courts and public opinions. If your constitutional rights are infringed, do not argue with bad cops and good cops. Any bad cops found wanting

should be reported to the authority and exposed to the public. Also, any officer who uses excessive force against the unarmed civilians must be held accountable. The general public should even know that a dead person cannot defend themselves in the court of law and public opinions. It's smarter to listen and stay out of trouble or stay alive. The crime not committed will possibly not attract jail times or extrajudicial killings by a racist police officer.

While the black lives matter, the first impression matters, too. As a black man, if I get wishy-washy and complacent, I am complicit in the moral war against systemic racism. It concerns to see how the majority of people live comfortably in their skins when the lives of their minority folks do not matter in the hands of bad cops. All lives matter! One group of experiences should not implicitly count on the lives of other groups in a society yearning for peace and tranquility. America is currently morally tried---how the system recompenses to correct its age-long racial injustices will determine its continued greatness. It is heartwarming to see how the children of the silent-majority are voicing out against the implicit bias, systemic and institutionalized racism in America and the world.

How do my black people live comfortably in their skins if they do not carry themselves with grace and respect when officers stop them by carrying out their daily security duties? How do the black lives matter when the black communities are known for self-killings and self-immolation? While the system is determined and poised to flush out bad cops, people must be law-abiding citizens and discourage immoral behavior in society. Black lives matter! And in the construction of moral and egalitarian society, we are all human beings; all our lives ultimately matter in the end! When the community is being kept safe and protected, equal justice should be the watchword to all and sundry without fear or favor. We are all human beings, and because we are all human beings, all lives must be sacred and jealously protected. Black, White, Brown, and other natural human pigmentations have an innate intelligence that should flourish for a better world to emerge. Black lives matter, and all lives matter! It goes both ways, and both ways matter!