Saturday, October 17, 2020
Arizona, USA

Omoyele Sowore

Continued from Part 1

Critical thinking is the ability to evaluate options, analyze alternatives, and make informed decisions." -- John Baldoni

on't throw the baby out with the bathwater" is an idiomatic expression widely and carefully used for an avoidable error. Advertently, an avoidable mistake is when something good is removed or eliminated when we try to get rid of something bad, in other words, rejecting the favorable along with the unfavorable. This axiomatic expression, if not heeded, is detrimental to any collective struggle and aspiration.

The ongoing nationwide protests demanding an end to SARS, and police brutality in Nigeria is not by happenstance but expected and commendable. The Nigerian Diaspora is with the protesters in the totality of spirits. SARS refers to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad created in 1984, a controversial Nigerian police unit that has been the target of nationwide protests. The brutality of the outlawed special squad has consumed many innocent lives in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, "A 2020 publication by the ENDSARS organization indicated that between January 2017 and May 2020, they had documented 82 cases of abuses and extrajudicial killings by SARS" in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the treatment Mr. Omoyele Sowore, the antagonist of bad government and csar (Combat Search And Rescue) of "RevolutionNow" in Nigeria received a few days ago is very disturbing. Sowore's revolutionary insignia is an affront to the classic and peaceful ongoing protests. Sowore must thread this fragile rope of protests, softly, softly! The immediate removal of that rebellious T-Shirt (RevolutionNow) from Sowore's body is imperative in order not to jeopardize the well articulate and evolving change in Nigeria. Sowore needs to re-strategize his mutinous and recalcitrant approach to social activism. But the good thing for comrade Sowore is that "integrity comes when a character is tested, keep true and never be ashamed of doing what is right." Sowore is doing what is right in a wrong way but his good intentions for Nigeria remain sacrosanct and intact! Mr. Omoyele Sowore is expected to have garnered political experience and morph from juvenile activism to matured and receptive social activism. Sowore's fearlessness to all agents of brutality in any form is mused, but his recalcitrant approach to good courses nauseates the majority of people with critical and strategic thinking. Sowore is a good man with good intentions for good governance in a country bedeviled with bad successive governments. The current players and the stakeholders in the agitation to end the evil of SARS; and enthronement of good governance in Nigeria must thread it with maximum understanding and collective voice.

The youth has a common enemy, and the enemies of the youth are the politicians who are mortgaging its future. The next demand of re-awakened youth from Buhari should be: President Buhari must openly bring corrupt people to book. Stupendously rich Nigerians with unexplainable sources of wealth without known entrepreneurship must come to the national spotlight to explain the sources of their mysterious wealth. The youth must not be blindfolded to the good course they are fighting for! The stake is high! Now that the Nigerian youth crusade to take back its future is gaining momentum, any grievance of the past among the youths must be jettisoned. The brave and well-intentioned individuals among the youth must come together to form a coalition of leaders. The individual leadership group will have their roles and responsibilities. These responsibilities must be harmonized to meet the goals and aspirations of the Nigerian Youth Movement and Nigerians.

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Furthermore, Omoyele Sowore is a formidable asset to the struggles of emancipation in Nigeria. Sowore's approach and misplacement of priorities might be unpleasant but his good intentions and bravery must be explored and injected into the struggles to liberate the youth. Sowore is not an opportunistic individual as being touted by some people. He is a brilliant individual with entrepreneurial acumen. Sowore's motivation is not different from the motivation of this writer, and other concerned Nigerians. What Sowore needs is to be schooled in the faculty of strategies for achieving good and attainable results. His approach to crucial national issues is tactless and seemingly not advantageous to his good intentions. Every good strategy requires careful method; not always with tactless confrontation. Sowore needs to be opened to constructive advice and suggested strategies for achieving reasonable results.

Nigeria is a bleeding nation that requires the moral activism and participation of everyone to stop the hemorrhage. The youth's activism must be measured with the careful deliberations of the stakeholders to achieve the favorable results we all yearn for. Sowore and others must not use unilateral decisions, and we must avoid grievous mistakes of the past. Every peaceful revolutionary activity of the Nigerian youth movement is a recipe for bringing the sympathetic attention of the world to its course. And every international attention to a good course in a Hobbesian society (where life is short, brutish, nasty), if sustained is also a recipe for emancipation and success. The political landscape of Nigeria is ready for fresh minds with fresh ideas. Give Nigerian youth movement the chance to flourish, a responsible leader will spontaneously emerge from among them----wailing for the restructuring of Nigeria will fizzle out. Allow the youth to utilize its talents, Nigeria will bid farewell to poverty and squalor. Allow Nigerian youth to lead, it will lead other youths in continental Africa.

Moreover, to Mr. President's muting ears, this is a great opportunity for President Buhari to reinvent his lost chance and rewrite his name in gold. Buhari must begin to do away with the old and glorified politicians in his cabinet (men of yesterday in which he's part of). He must begin the process of injecting fresh young men and women among the youth. Buhari must begin the undertaking of preparing the youth to take leadership positions in Nigeria towards the expiration of his government in 2023. The year 2023 and beyond must belong to the youth of Nigeria.

The clock of posterity is tickling and caressing the twilight years of President Muhammadu Buhari. While Buhari's years are being romanticized by posterity, Buhari has an ample opening in his twilight years to rewrite his controversial name in gold, and etch it in the conscience and consciousness of the current youth. The current spontaneity of reawakened minds of youth is a sign of good things to come to Nigeria. Nothing will be attainable in a society where the majority of its people are in a deep slumber of nothingness. Omoyele Sowore is a catalyst, and Nigerian youth is resourceful and a catalyst for Nigerian greatness. Sowore is not an enemy of the Nigerian Youth Movement. He must not be treated as such! But Sowore must be a receptor of reasonable strategy to align his indefatigable personality for a successful liberation of the Nigerian youth.

The slumbering attitude of the youth seems to have climaxed. It must not turn to continue servitude under the selfish and sociopath leadership in Nigeria. We seem to be witnessing anticlimax and the dawn of a new era in Nigeria. This anticlimax period is premised on: an era that will mar (if the youth don't speak with one voice and allow its wall to crack), or make and evolve enduring democratic norms in a generation presumed to have been wasted. It is very encouraging to see the Nigerian youth predicting its own future in order to create it. Congratulations to the Nigerian Youth Movement for redefining itself now, and moving swiftly into the promising future! The reawakened Nigerian youth is the magnificent manifestation of the progress of Nigeria.

Continued from Part 1