Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Arizona, USA

"Zombie o zombie, zombie o zombie!????X2
Zombie no go go unless you tell am to go, zombie!????

Zombie no go wink unless you tell am to wink, zombie????
Zombie no go talk unless you tell am to talk, zombie??????

y respect and apt homage go to the late Nigerian music icon, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. With many apologies, the song in this article was "plagiarized" by me from the legend's music bank of wisdom and everlasting muse.

In a nutshell, the most difficult job as a writer is to attempt to write to convince zombies or those whose minds are already made against morals and appropriateness. Science is life, and life is science. From time immemorial, in the scientific world, man has been able to predict the future by creating it. Man has also evolved by using scientific research and evidence to solve some medical mysteries.

Advertently, those who are denying science and the scientific innovations by scientists are being disingenuous to people who can not use their minds in critical thinking situations. Critical thinking is the ability to evaluate options, weigh alternatives, and make informed decisions. It's morally wrong and scientifically corrupt to mislead vulnerable people who cannot think critically with their minds in critical situations. The mind is a terrible thing to waste! We must strive hard to de-amplify the disinformation emanating from the banks of infowar and conspiracy theorists!

Recently, ?`r?` burk tun t?`rn (Bad news with a sense of humor). Joe Biden literally and carefully juggled her husband away from a masked reporter on a campaign trail. And despite the fact that the reporter was fully masked, Biden's wife carefully tossed her vulnerable and aged husband away from the potential danger of the gbng? (lithal) coronavirus--a novel virus that has no respect for the wise people and the small minds. More than 210,616 people have died from Coronavirus in the United States of America alone! More than 7,485,331 have contracted a dangerous COVID-19 in the USA.

Hey! Potential FLOTUS, I don't blame you, mama Biden! from the abundance of wisdom, comes extra carefulness and grace. In the school of decency, Jill Biden's smart action is called wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. In my Yorb language and a proverb, we say: K oj m r ibi rlwe, ?s?` ni ogn ?, literally and roughly translated as "to avoid being wrecked by a moving train, with critical thinking, picking race with one's legs is the smart antidote and best option." Win or lose, there's life after the election. Life is beautiful and it has no duplicate. But to some occultic zombies, the wrong antidote to their lithal behavior is arrogance and ignorance. Unfortunately, the mhurumhuru (uneasiness and pain) of these non-correctable disfigurements of characters will not allow wise neighbors to sleep peacefully at night!

Sadly, the most depressing part is the unbelievable situations where some people will still be sympathetic to dotards, bigots, and those who show deliberate indifference to COVID-19 palaver and other people's lives. It's not even by happenstance to see the danger of the novel virus---a virus whose mutations and viral operations are not known to astute scientists or any known man. And it's not even news anymore to note that coronavirus has globally killed more than one million people.

As writers, we must not be discouraged or frustrated by the Infowars and disinformation against the use of simple universal precautions as prescribed by medical experts and disease control scientists. Please, let's protect ourselves to protect other people around us. Use your mask, wash your hands, and maintain social distancing. If we do these simple universal precautions collectively, the incident of Covid-19 will be depleted or lessened considerably, and we will be helping to combat the spread of this lethal or deadly virus.

Kudos to Jill and Joe Biden for using their critical thinking ability. The role of Jill and Biden will conscientize and inform the confusing and frustrating public about the danger of the lithal coronavirus. America is a sine qua non (an essential condition; a country that is absolutely necessary) in the world. Let's vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Haris to restore the soul of America; bring back decency, hope, and American exceptionalism. Let's bring back our Allies and the world to our consciousness to lead the world again. Let's unite and give more to a unique country that has given us all the unbelievable opportunities to thrive in our collective endeavors.

Thank you. VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN. Thank you!