Thursday, October 1, 2020
Arizona, USA

"The cynics have every right to be unrepentant pessimists, I have every right to be an incurable optimist" - Yahaya Balogun

“People who live in difficult circumstances need to know that happy endings are possible.” – US Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor.

ou can be Nigerian resident or dual citizen in the western hemisphere, even for decades, if you're an unpatriotic person motivated by greed and selfishness, you'll never be optimistic to see the untapped resources and denied opportunities deposited in the existential bank of the wealth of Nigeria. Intuitively, my everyday life in my privileged country-United States---when juxtaposed with my rooted country-Nigeria, portends a great optimism for me and for those who can see Nigeria of tomorrow!

The optimists must be cautious in their daily relationships with the cynics, they should always remember that cynics do not see what they see! There's every reason to be happy and optimistic about the future of Nigeria. "If you know, you know." Those of us who can see the future of Nigeria is the personification of optimism for the Nigerian future! We must not be discouraged!

Life is not fair! When you’re loved by the young and old, you must be prepared out of jealousy to have unrepentant enemies. There’s more to the current jostle for Nigeria among the world leaders than the cynics or infertile minds can discern. Johnson Andrew in his analysis exposed the evolving possibilities of Nigerian greatness. Andrew noted that through the administration of Buhari, “Nigerians are looking inward. We are diversifying at a rate they (western world) did not imagine. Morbid fear of our greatness is kicking in.” Andrew's submission is a synopsis of this article. Buhari’s policy of no free monies and capital flights is affecting the economy of the western world and the pockets of the Nigerian freebies. They are wooing our country to invest in its human capital.

Stolen money is being curtailed! The level of hatred and disrespect for integrity by some non-correctable disfigurement of characters in Nigeria is astonishingly high! The good news is that these characters with their uglification are in minority. Also, some of them with good hearts are getting swayed by the constituency, and consistency of the genuine love the true Buharists have for Nigeria.

If Nigeria gets its act together, it can be a mini-mecca of the world in the nearest future! If Dubai could be a destination for tourism, Nigeria is much more potentially inclined or strategically positioned to be a hub for global tourism and investment. It’s not impossible to revive and recoup our exceptionalism as the giant of the black race. All we need is just a breakthrough. And the breakthrough starts with you and me!

My research on the metamorphosis of Rwanda, a former war-ravaged country should be a topical issue in our national conversation and an elixir to our current conundrums. Rwanda with its scenic mountains is becoming a shining star on the continent of Africa. Rwanda is using her past to embellish the present to shape the future! Paul Kagame is a transformational leader who is redefining the consciousness of African leaders. Presidents Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and Paul Kagame of Rwanda share two things in common–they both have zero tolerance for corruption and indiscipline, and they know the stick and carrot policy of the West towards Africa. And they're calling the bluffs of the western leaders!

Meanwhile, as the Aegean of mess in Nigeria is being cleaned, Nigeria is redefining how her system should work, that’s why the world is recognizing her huge potential for greatness! We welcome the interests of the western countries to assist in returning our stolen monies! We also welcome their interests to invest in our greenish country. Buhari seems to have planted some glorious seeds seemingly germinating for future prosperity and bountiful harvest. The impending ties of Nigeria's economy with the global economies will bring a stronger economic link between Nigeria and the rest of the world. These acclaimed world leaders are bent on tapping from the impending prosperity of Nigeria. It’s an interesting development that gives us hope.

While the world is investing in the Nigerian market, it’s very much welcome, but the caveat is that they must realize that Buhari and Osinbajo are unique and envisioned leaders who are not motivated by opportunism and instant gratification; gratification that signature the hedonistic regimes of the past administrations. Buhari and Osinbajo will not be hoodwinked by special and vested interests in the international stage. The current international toasts and the impending romance between Nigeria and the rest of the world must be mutual and consensual but not independently self-centered. Nigeria will not be doltish to get raped again by the cavalier of the western community.

Unfortunately, the children of corruption aren’t seeing the perspective and illuminating light blooming out from the dark tunnel of Nigeria. How many responsible world leaders had the interest to visit Nigeria during the locust season of Goodluck Jonathan and Mr. Tortoise’s eighteen years of waste? The foreign leaders that came or visited Nigeria did so for their country’s selfish interests, and at the expense of the Nigerian people. We all witnessed how we got raped by MTN and other telecommunication companies during their debuts in Nigeria.

Recently, CBN sanctioned some banks for breaching Nigeria’s forex regulations on MTN’s illegal capital repatriation. MTN and these vulture banks were also made to refund a whopping sum $8.134b back into the covers of the federal government of Nigeria. Could this have happened in the past, or during the locust years? Furthermore, President Muhammadu Buhari and Pastor Yemi Osinbajo are giving and restoring hope in the future of Nigeria! Hypothetically, how do you fathom any imagination of men of yesterday coming back to dismantle what is being created for a brighter future? It’s unimaginable folks.

Let’s put these men of yesterday to forceful retirement. At this juncture, Omoyele Sowore and “Take it back” must take this urgent advice into consideration. We love Sowore and we thank him along with others for waking up the youths from their nauseating slumbers. “Take it back” must begin to plant its members and the responsible members of the party at the grassroots, and in every geopolitical zona into all political positions in Nigeria. The administration of Buhari and Osinbajo is preparing a great template for the youth to severe its cord from the mortgagees of its future. This is the best way to take Nigeria back from the political vultures in Nigeria. Nigeria is a destination for global trade, investment, and tourism!

The optimists must remember that in their daily relationships with the cynics, they should always remember that cynics will never see what they see! There's every reason to be happy and optimistic about the future of Nigeria. "If you know, you know." Those of us who can see the future of Nigeria is the personification of optimism for the Nigerian future! We must not be discouraged!

Nigeria is gradually taking back her enviable position in the international community! We must take advantage of the evolving development in our country to rewrite our unpleasant history in Nigeria. Kudos to the two oyoyos (Buhari and Osinbajo) for painstakingly making Nigeria earn back her respect in the midst of naughtiness of those who cannot see tomorrow. Nigeria will be great again!

Happy Independence Day, Compatriots!