Sunday, May 10, 2020
Arizona, USA

appy mother's day to all responsible mothers out there! Responsible mothers are inestimable treasures! Mothers are foundational structures that construct the good or marred image of children. They are the best mentors and assets to their children. My Mother was our Muse and a first class parent at parenting. For nine months and years, in moil wilderness, she bore the indescribable pains of mutual love alone. She toiled for her children to be responsible adults.

To mother with love. My mother, Seliat Balogun of blessed memory taught me to be kind to all people, and socialize with unconditional love and affection. She made us believe that love is a recipe for a good life. She taught us that love is an ingredient that makeup our existential beings in a troubled world. We learned from her that love can shield us from the malfeasance of hate around us at all times.

Folks! Our differential leanings in politics, ideology, and religion shouldn't make us enemies of ourselves! A lot of people don't know that principled and disciplined life intertwined with love are the secrets of internal joy! You become "aro gidigba" (strong being) in the comity of your human contemporaries! When you internalize the spirit of love, your values or principles are preserved from corruption and compromise. These extraordinary things that define you will continue to liberate you from the vices and distractions of life.

Life is just too short to amass enemies! All distractions are ephemerals to life! Your attitude to life can influence your adversaries to have a change of heart. You can be "holier than thou" in the race of religious life. You can build mega places of worship. If your mind is a construction and architect of hate and manipulation, you're living a deceitful life with voids of reasoning. You can never deceive God and the positive or healthy side of your subconscious mind.

Be mindful that, hate is a menace to your healthy living dudes! Life is too beautiful to begin to make architecture of evil and hate in the hearts of your children! Do you know that one genuine laughter or smile a day is a tonic to brighten your heart and encourage people (around you) in need of succor and compassion? Money isn't everything! Unconditional love kills millions of hatred. Try and internalize love, you'll be glad you did! To my mother and wife, and responsible mothers with love.

Existentially, remove indifferent attitude from your mind, and take a brief excursion to the hospice or sickbay; take a visit to mortuary or children's hospital, or ruminate over affluent people of yesterday who are no more alive today and their names have gone to oblivion! You will marvel at the "second chances" you have to make some amends in your hateful relationships with other fellow human beings.

Take life easy brethren! You might have a rosy and comfortable life today, remember, yesterday actually belongs to those who have now kicked the bucket; and to those who are presently looking at death staring them in their beleaguered faces! Be heedful that tomorrow belongs to other people coming after you! Yoruba axiom says: (kinni nka na t n bk gan t n mwa krira ara was...?) that is, what are those things that are motivating us to resent ourselves? Explore your state of mindfulness today as your mother taught you, love! Your mind is your greatest asset, use it for the construction of love to leave an indelible mark in the sand of time!

Thanks to my deceased mother. Thank you, my good wife-Adebanke, and thank you to all responsible mothers out there for living the indelible marks of LOVE in the hearts of your children! Happy Mother's Day to all mothers with unblemished LOVE!