Sunday, May 10, 2020
Arizona, USA

Bishop Oyedepo

‘Churches can’t open yet people are allowed to be in markets’ — Oyedepo kicks against lockdown order.

ishop" Oyedepo should be allowed to exercise his freedom of speech. As long as the political pastor doesn't open his megamouth and "church" to contravene the laws and endanger the lives of the "endangered species" in his synagogue, and the lives of other innocent people in society, let Ogbeni Alagba Oyedepo (the god of men) be!

Why should "Bishop" Oyedepo be arrested as being clamored by his innocuous adversaries in zukerville? Please, allow the "man of God" to continue to grieve this period of religious recession and depression in Nigeria-cum-world. Buhari's administration is a replica of coronavirus to all these political pastors in Nigeria. The infestation of cash crunch on the "in God's name plc" started in 2015. Buhari's government too, is actually, also a pandemic and menace to itself for complacency.

Inadvertently, the Covid-19 pandemic might actually be a blessing in disguise for people to open their eyes to see and go back to the basics (the periods of routing for the gospel of eternal salvation before the advent of this period of prosperity gospel). Nigerian political and religious leaders are a complete failure in Nigeria. They have failed to satisfactorily meet the basic needs of the suffering people of Nigeria. With palliative measures in the COVID-19 pandemic, how difficult was it for the government to credit every citizen's bank account and pay the citizens through their mobile phones to alleviate their sufferings? It's a BIG shame to see the distribution of 5 pounds of the bag of rice and other shameful recipes as palliative measures to the poor people on lockdown in Nigeria. While the government is failing to widely ease the pains and sufferings of the vulnerable people, this time is an auspicious period for "Bishops" and other "Pastors" and "Imams" in Nigeria to dole out monetary and palliative care to their community, congregants and adherent churchgoers! After all, these so-called "men of God" have been taking from peters to pay pauls over the years. Right?

Seriously, COVID-19 is an eye-opener for those who have ears to hear! Responsible Nigerian believers of religions (Muslims and Christians) must begin to seek eternal salvation while searching for earthly convenience and prosperity. The latter is mundane and the former is a sacred assignment before Almighty God for humanity. The space we live in now is temporal! When we reach our expiry date, we are all going to wither away like flowering flowers and account for our deeds and misdeeds while on the surface of the earth, and before the Almighty God.

In Zukerville, the cyborgs on social media should stop amplifying the purported incitement of the so-called political pastor. Let him and other "god of men" be! Lamentation is a process of showing displeasure with an unprofitable situation. We all have fundamental human rights to life, and the right to exercise our freedom of speech without impeding other people's rights to live.

"Bishop" Oyedepo can surreptitiously incite small minds and those with midget intelligence. But he can not forcefully open the pockets of his smart citizens in his dwindling vineyards and community. Interestingly, one is favorably disposed to the deafening silence being given Oyedepo by the complacent and shoddy government of Buhari in this coronavirus period. "Coronally," dignified silence is better than dignified arrest. The political Bishop must not be apprehended. Covid-19 is a game-changer for those who "follow-follow" all these self-proclaimed GOs and "gods of men" who have refused to use their God-given cognitive structure and mental configuration to challenge their "business pastors" and pastoreneur.

Lastly, while we empathize and cry for a bereaved community, we must attempt to open our eyes to see other cynics and bigots who are waiting to make fun of themselves, and other bereaved vulnerable members of their community. Let "Bishop" Oyedepo be! Let the "gods of men" in our firmament regale or lament unhindered in this coronary and plagued period of COVID-19. The "men of God" in Nigeria are all in a religious recession and depression. This is a season of awareness and the age of reasoning. Only those who know will know to process their thought process to see the handwriting on our religious walls in Nigeria.