Sunday, March 15, 2020
Arizona, USA

Pius Adesanmi (27 February 1972 – 10 March 2019)


pproximately, a year ago, within a spate of two horrible weeks, I lost two Muses in sudden and tragic deaths. Who are we to question God's decision on our fallible souls? Death, an immutable debt we all owe! It's painful to reel out eulogies to the ones dear to you, but we must celebrate them as they transit to eternal glory. As they live in our mournful hearts: and to live in the hearts of the beloved ones on earth is not to die!

This piece is also being dedicated to my good youthful and literatus friend, late Professor Pius Adesanmi, whose tragic death occurred March 10, 2019. I am right now mused, stunned; stung and having loss of balance, and dwarfed in orientation! We wish we were dwelling in our dreams about his untimely death. But unfortunately, the inevitable is real! It has come to expunge the bubbling and vibrant professor from this beleaguered and sinful world??

Prof. Adesanmi posted the picture of this post with premonition. The young Professor shared it on Facebook a day to his demise, and with sacred signage as if he knew he had to prepare for his inevitable death; and he glowingly wrote Psalm 139:9-10:

“If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.” The ebullient Professor rapturously sauntered like a candlelight in the wind! He disappeared into the glorious end leaving us in the unending wailing mood.??

Prof. Adesanmi was a cerebral and celebrated icon even in death!?? The committee of global literati has lost an intellectual gem and guru. Professor Pius's effortlessness at deconstructing the Queen English is still a mystery to the Queen of England and the Brits! Pius was a writer, quintessential satirist, humorist, and witty diaspora Nigerian-Canadian Professor. How witty and informative would it have been if he was alive today to witness the global brouhaha and the stampede on Coronavirus and its menace! Prof. Pius Adesanmi has left academic and patriotic sore wounds in our hearts. The vacuum he left in the literary world will be difficult to fill, most especially from these jejune, thoughtlessness and self-hate-filled Nigerian youths.

Professor Adesanmi has waved at us unending farewell, and forever we shall miss his witticism, patriotism, and literary prowess. A rare gem who was unique on his own talent! May his soul and the souls of other people who died in the ill-fated Ethiopian air and mishap rest in perfect peace! Amen.

As sojourners, we are temporary mortals and pedestrians in this space called life! Life is a process of an individual journey in space, the journey will surely end in the ill-fated moment or at the appointment time! Our deeds will only be our existential signatures and they will live after us!

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