Thursday, June 18, 2020
Arizona, USA

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" --Peter Drucker

ome men of yesterday basked in the euphoria of yesterday. To their chagrin, yesterday has now expired. "No condition is permanent!" The bitter and sweet lessons learned from the history of yesteryears' politicians must be armed in our arms and subconscious minds.

In our quest to meeting our needs today, we must constantly engage our minds to avoid the pitfalls of yesterday. Nigerian political elites seem to forget the not-too-far-tomorrow! If a man knows the brief history of time, man will always remember that today is a great opportunity to predict and create tomorrow. Most of us see the workaday of existence as the end of life, we get fixated and relish with the selfish-proclamation to meet what we desire instead of what we need. Some of us don't realize that there is a difference between WANTS, NEEDS, and DESIRES!

When we allow our WANTS and DESIRES to override our NEEDS, we will be etching towards getting all of them (wants, needs and desires) at the same time, whereas, WANTS and DESIRES are inconsequential to people who are contented with the possession of their NEEDS. The insatiable quest for grabbing money has already been man's burden. Money like sensual women is a very seductive object. Greedy man can never be contented with wealth, and when the wealth is acquired, man tends to want to flaunt it ostensibly for ostentatious style. In the process of showing off their wealth, politicians tend to want more to maintain the status quo. In this cycle of ignorance, they forget that they are representations of the people with whom they are accountable! This is the orbit most of our politicians ignorantly and dangerously live today. The aftermath and consequences of their narcissistic behavior are always disastrous for them and society.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to do anything drastic to improve your life. Just do the simple things and your life will change for the better:

1. Believe in yourself, and the incredible power of 'being or self' in you. Believe very strongly in the courage of your convictions, and the power of "yes, I can do it!" It's called audacity to life adventures.

2. Have contentment through identifying your needs and be happy with what you possess. Do not compete with anyone or the man whose sources of income are very questionable with doubt and mystery.

3. Do not be too self-subsumed in what you want and desire to acquire. It seems there's nothing wrong with desiring of good things; there's nothing wrong with wanting something nice for ourselves, but we must avoid gazing at mundane things that will encumber our needs and at the detriment of society.

4. Life is beautiful! Make it beautiful for yourself and society. Do not allow greed and distractions to take your joy and the joy of other people around you.

5. Be a responsible representation of yourself, your people and society. Live in the itinerary of integrity, and you always get to the destination of rectitude, uprightness, honesty, humility, probity, etc. Remember, you can never live in isolation of people around you. Even, the nitwits and wise persons who live among us see the good and bad things we do, only time can process and tell our antecedents. We will ultimately give an account of the stewardship of our actions and inactions.

In conclusion, in our dwelling of today, we must always remember the mistakes of the past (yesterday) while we're determining tomorrow. Yesterday is gone and can never be recovered. You can only use yesterday's mistakes today to determine the outcome of tomorrow: that is how we know we have made amendments and ready to move on. Let's watch what we do. We must always mumble (self-talk) responsibly to ourselves in the process of living a worthy life.