Thursday, June 18, 2020
Arizona, USA

Dear Paragon of beauty, and Beloved Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo,

ou were said to have written in a WhatsApp message to one of your beloved friends, and it goes thus:

"Sweetie, it's my 40th next month." "And I want to help 40 couples to have their babies... That's all I want. No party. No surprise. Nothing! I just want to make 40 homes happy." Source: CNN.

“Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.” –Joyce Meyer

In a jiffy, you came, you saw and you conquered the world with approximately a few weeks to your 40th birthday. Your death is a teachable lesson for the forgetfulness of man. Why the good flowers like you wither within a short span of life remains a mystery to all fallible and unmindful human beings. But the conscious and unconscious question is: who are we to question the mysterious ways God works? Our consolation resides in the memorable lives the beloved ones had lived before they existentially expired.

Your glamorous and humanitarian life is celebratory. The good or bad things that we do live with us and after us! Apart from your stunning beauty, and pastoral life, I am impassioned by the beautiful life you lived and how beloved you are in the hearts of millions of ordinary Nigerians. With the little prosperity you possessed, posterity sees you admirably, because you were not selfish to trickle down to the downtrodden people in your environment. Your humanitarian gestures and adventures; and the lives of ordinary people you have touched are existential and eternal testimonials that will sacredly launch you to internal bliss. Your family, acquaintances, and admirers should have consolations in your admirable and memorable but short-lived life.

During your short lifetime, you served your community with the honesty of purpose and vigor to change the world of the inhabitants. Now the world is celebrating your passage with reflection, amity, and unconditional love. This writer did not know you personally, or from Adam, but your celebratory (hi)story, and your brief but enormous and sparkling life gives him the joy of association with your rooted clime-Nigeria. Despite the contradictory nature of our dear country-Nigeria and the blasphemous ways of serving God, you navigated with no encumbrances the pseudo-religious and political terrains of Nigeria with caution and came out unscathed. You attempted to effect positive change in the lives of millions that do not even share your faith and beliefs. Your life is profoundly emulative. Your legacy is a motivation and inspiration to all of us that the world is ephemeral, and we will all leave it with the continuum of time. We shall forever remain grateful and subservient to God’s grace in your life well-spent.

Meanwhile, it will be inadequate for us to mourn your death, but it is also essentially good to celebrate the impeccable and boisterous legacy you left behind. Your legacy will continue to be a moral compass for some of us to navigate through the nothingness and murky clouds of this world. I am very humbled and proud to share the commonality of life with you. As the pandemic of coronavirus decimated this beleaguered world, your foundation and legacy created succor for the less-privileged people. Your gesture to have established testing and isolation centers for COVID-19 patients in some geopolitical spectrums of Nigeria is appreciated. As an individual, no act of human kindness that we do will ever go unnoticed. The little but mundane assistance you have rendered your poor community, and contemporary citizens in Nigeria is conspicuous and noticed, and this will be etched in the sand of time.

You came to this odd world, and your brief effervescent stay still glitters the hearts of many Nigerians. You saw the futility of life and you took advantage of it to the fullest, and you attempted to turn its nothingness to a meaningful life for everyone. A good life is not about how long the deceased persons have lived, but how bouncy and breezy they have been able to touch humanity with assistance, unconditional love, and amity. As a catalyst to serving humanity, your life was an extemporaneous example of the beauty inherent in every human being. "To live in the hearts of the beloved ones is not to die." We wish you a smooth and beautiful transition and an unending blissful journey to eternity.

Goodnight, beloved amazon, philanthropist and a quintessential humanist.