Monday, June 15, 2020
Arizona, USA
(How Millennials Are Reinventing The American Dream)

'E Pluribus Unum' "Out of many, one!" he motto, which is Latin "E Pluribus Unum" for "out of many, one" was adopted by the Founding Fathers in 1782 as part of the Great Seal of the United States. It is intended to represent the federal nature of the nation—out of many states, one country."

"The American dream is deeply ingrained in most Americans’ psyche. Originally, it was defined by James Truslow Adams. He said that most Americans were seeking a better, deeper, richer life than what they were born into. Today, this vision continues shaping people’s lives albeit mainly in their imaginations."

Historically, immense thanks go to the current well-informed, articulate, and decent American millennials (the young people)! The role of the millennials in the reconstruction of the American creed and unity is imminent! The events of the last few weeks (no thanks to the lynching of George Floyd by the police officer Derek Michael Chauvin) is changing the moral and race equations of America.

The American millennials are reading the once relegated and abandoned American history, and the substance of history is changing the morally infertile cognition of the baby boomers (old people) through our current Millenials' articulation. American millennials are reimagining the future to humanize every human being in America. White privilege is real; institutionalized racism against black people is real, and the implicit biases against black people are real. The good news is that the current White millennials (youths) are paying their black contemporaries emotional, moral, and sense of equality as reparations. White millennials are reading American history to know the injustices their baby boomers (their parents) have done to black Americans. I think this is the beginning of a new beginning in American tumultuous and saggy history.

Sadly! this same barbaric and inhumanity of man to man; and recurrent horror on the black people that have spanned more than four centuries in America is now a subject of scrutiny. No one can stop an idea whose time has come. It is indeed a polite shame on the baby boomers (the enablers) of racism, and kudos to articulate American millennials who are rewriting American history to be an insignia for real equality, fairness, and justice for all. The Baby boomers have been witnesses of the evil and entrenchment of systemic racism in America. The baby boomers are now being conscientized to sync with their great-grandchildren who are interestingly rewriting the history of America in a tremendous way. And history will be in maximum support of their roles in American history.

It is pertinent to note that the complacency of the baby boomers sustained and encouraged the construction of the institutionalization of racism in the United States. The silence of the majority in the lynching, domination, and decimation of the black minority people in America has spanned more than four centuries. In the account of history, and to re-emphasize this: "we cannot under any circumstances, stop an idea whose time has come." It seems the time has come to systematically put an end to racial profiling and systemic racism in the United States of America.

Meanwhile, the only impossible thing in life is the thing we have not attempted to do. Now that the evil of racism is globally and historically being dismantled from the public spectacles, the symbolic edifices of systemic racism shall also disappear and collapse like Hitler's statue and impressionistic portrait of evil from the human psyche.

In this auspicious period, the time is ripe to prod our minds and look at ourselves in the mirror; ask ourselves about the crucial questions: are we going to be part of the plaguing problems, or are we going to be part of the imminent solutions? Light is shining on the darkest place of human nature, and the good people in our effervescent clime are painting their names on the indestructible planks of history.

The American millennials are reshaping and reconstructing the ugly nuances of bias, institutional and institutionalized racism against black Americans. We must all remember that history is bunk; and history will judge our decision-making, action, and inaction in the place of history. The United States of America should not be an exception in the dismantling of evil and heinous social interactions, biases, and institutionalized racism from its bruised or damaged exceptional system.