Thursday, July 30, 2020
Arizona, USA

"If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences." - Thomas Theorem

he marabout lady in Houston, Texas, the USA, who is also a medical doctor, has again exposed the nudity of some people's minds in Africa. As the famous Yoruba axiom espouses: won kn kw ni, won o kanu (they are only learned people without mindfulness). The woman is a protagonist of the fringe far-right ideological faithful, and a well-respected "sperm demon" and "alien DNA" doctor of African descent. She's reported to have hailed from the rustic part of Cameron, and sadly had her university education from one of the universities in Nigeria. Stella's strange behavior happens to be the antithesis of the real Christians we know in our community.

In Africa, no matter the level of your education, education is not a function of wisdom and intelligence! Religion has been used to wreak havoc on the knowledge of my African people. People have willfully used religion to traffic in hate, misinformation, disinformation, and promote division among the unsuspecting people. When men get themselves subsumed in conspiracy theories, they make themselves available as expendable tools for men of low values who use them for political expediency. Thomas Theorem's approach, theoretically and practically espoused above, brings out the consequences of people's motives! It will be difficult for these species of human beings to discern and process a simple approach with their motives or intentions.

Stella Immanuel is currently facing the consequences of her unsubstantiated action. The Texan's body of Physicians and Surgeons and her cyborg supporters should begin "go fund me" to fund her legal action against the body vouching to withdraw her medical license practice. Stella and her cyborg supporters forgot that America is not Africa when it comes to digging out facts and making people face the consequences of their responsible or irresponsible actions! Scientists and medical experts have debunked trafficking in the touted efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine. The Houston fake Prophet was used as a political stunt by the far-right extremists, and the result on her image looks terrible.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste! The promotion of hydroxychloroquine drugs by people is to conspiracy theories are to create chaos and division among the people. Importantly, my SERIOUS ADVICE to the public is that people should listen to their Physicians and healthcare providers; stay away from using drugs that their potency has not been confirmed for the cure of Coronavirus. It's a welcome development that Stella Immanuel's disinformed tweets and Facebook post on Hydroxychloroquine treatment of Coronavirus was removed from these websites.

What Stella Immanuel failed to realize is the narcissism of unhinged Potus. Potus is only interested in Stella Immanuel's voice and support not how posterity judges the marabout Houston, Texas marabout doctor. Time is timeless! Time will soon condemn "Dr." Mrs. Stella Immanuel's action for being a tool in the hands of those who have lost their souls to the abyss of time!

Stay safe, and stay protected folks!