Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Arizona, USA

urn off the sound of the negative critic.
Stop the negative voice in you.
It never wants the best for you.
It attacks and judges your actions, always.
Be your best in spite of your mistakes or faults.

Everyone has a critical inner voice.
The critic makes you feel guilty
Of your mistakes and failures.
And suppresses the positive vibes in you.
Low Self-Esteem person has a vicious
And vocal sustained critic.

Your pathological critic compares
You to others, and explores your weaknesses.
Your critic finds you wanting in everything.
Though, your first critic resides in your mind,
It gives external critics the power to bully
And judge you, and empowers your doubt!
Your Pathological critic is you;
And you're your first enemy.

Your inner critic compares
Others' successes and abilities to your failures.
Your inner critic keeps your ugly album
And opens it to you when you doubt your beauty
In your other beautiful album.

Your critic keeps the pictures of your failures
But never once show you pictures
Of your strengths and accomplishments.
Always use the positive voice in you
To conquer your pathological critic,
And outside adversaries (enemies).
Never suffer from self-doubt!
Believe strongly in yourself,
And in your innate potential and power!