Thursday, July 2, 2020
Arizona, USA

xactly a month ago, approximately this time, I admonished the 30-year old billionaire, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg to thread it softly, softly on the fragile, evolving, and burning issue of racism in America! I advised him to take a cue from the twitter management---to discourage people from trafficking in hate and division among the susceptible people. My advice seems to have gone into unconcerned ears. More than 400 giant companies have boycotted Facebook and Instagram ads placement and commercials making the giant organization to have lost an estimated sum of 70 billion dollars.

Mark, be advised, the corporate organizations are a going-concern. The conglomerate business organizations derive their power and profits from the purchasing power of their customers. Any attempt to lose one customer is an attempt to lose more and more. Without the people, and people's power, there wouldn't be Facebook or any thriving organization.

In business management, I was taught at my undergraduate level at the University of Lagos, Nigeria that, when an entrepreneur or businessman loses one customer, he has inadvertently lost ten or more customers! As a businessman, you should never underestimate the incredible power of one customer.

In trade, no businessman should attempt to dwarf the voice of the silent majority or minority. There is MORE in LESS, and there is LESS in MORE!! The combination of LESS and LESS becomes MORE, and the removal of LESS from MORE makes MORE becomes LESS!

Again, Mark, do not underestimate the extraordinary power of the silent and vocal minority in America. The amplification of the voices of the silent minority can dwarf the loud voices of the mindless and unconcerned majority. Please, Mark, let your gargantuan platform promote harmony amongst the polarized people in this auspicious period!

Softly, softly, Mark Zuckerburg!