Monday, January 27, 2020
Arizona, USA
A Void World! (Poem) (Dedicated to the late icon of Basketball, Kobe Bryant)

void globe with glorified beauty,
So empty!
Chaotic joy and sadness
Are intertwined in a void world
Yet, we dwell in its nothingness
Unnoticed and in abeyance!

When darkness encircles our light,
We feel blurred and weak;
Our hearts are wounded out of control!
The world seems to sink in us!
Yet, in a jiffy, we are very forgetful
Of the past!

When grief saunters our hearts,
We mourn, we jerk, we gnash our teeth!
Sadly, accidental deaths are irreversible!
The travesty of our forgetfulness
Is lore to our everyday life.

While we daily anticipate good
Or worse, the remedy to our fear
And uncertainty is to leave
Our footprints in the sand of time!
Our joyful and awful moments in life
Are teachable, if ONLY we pay attention.
Let's live a worthy life!