Monday, January 20, 2020
Arizona, USA

"Today, we must learn from the ugly yesterday to create a glorious tomorrow!" -Yahaya Balogun

arcastically, I can't wait to get my own AMOTEKUN regalia internalized and storm the MMIA in Lagos on my arrival from yonder to Homeland. Security is not convenient but security is internally very rewarding when you're actively involved in it. Consistency in security and enforcement of people's expectations on security provides the basis for trust and reliance on their government. AMOTEKUN is a wake-up call for the sleeping giant--- the Federal government to restructure Nigeria and provide security for its people. Our constitution should make provision for regional police to be established in each region.

In the United States of America, the state of Arizona alone has its constituency and city with its own state Police Department---PD. Police personnel and law enforcement agencies are fatly renumerated with good benefits and insurance for their families. Every crime committed in any precinct in the United States is responded to in a jiffy. No crime being committed go unearthed or unresolved in the nooks and crannies of every city. America is a police state with policing resources. For decades, the federal government of Nigeria has failed us in providing adequate security for the country. Auspiciously, the time has come, and it is very imperative to secure ourselves in the southwest. There is nothing as soothing as being a member of the law enforcement agency or security outfit anywhere in the world. To protect lives and society from criminal activities is personally very rewarding!

While "We the Yoruba people" in southwestern Nigeria play our constitutional role in the geopolitical structures and this hurriedly coagulated and packaged Nigeria, our leaders must not be complacent to the deliberate indifference of our leaders at the center----FGN! The Nigeria Police Force is a comatose security agency whose personnel have been stifled with resources to perform its duties to protect and secure the people. Nigeria Police Force is one of the poorly renumerated security agencies in Nigeria. They are supposed to earn good salaries with great benefits, even more than our rowdy legislators in Nigeria.

AMOTEKUN is an apolitical outfit and not an ethnically conscripted security outfit. AMOTEKUN is being established to protect the lives of the Yoruba people and her neighbors from the aggression of evils and existential threats of external aggression to her territorial integrity. The birth of AMOTEKUN is important to Yorubaland's safety through the thoughtful minds of Yoruba leaders. It is indisputably the right conception! The government and stakeholders in the southwest must enact laws to back the undertaking and smooth operations of the security outfit.

Every son and daughter of Yoruba must make it a success. We must always be a pacesetter to other regions and Nigeria in general. As an unrepentant Buharist, I am making it bold to the Mr. President that AMOTEKUN has come to stay in the southwest. No matter how 'buharisised' eucharistic I might be to buharism, I can't wish away the importance, relevance, and substance of AMOTEKUN. AMOTEKUN must not be misused and misplaced like the hijacked Oodu'a people's congress. Political nymphs like Femi Fani-Kayode, Yemi Odumakin and other sociopaths in Yorubaland must not be allowed to put or inject politics, ethnic and religious coloration into the well-thought-out AMOTEKUN. The strategic silence of any individual to AMOTEKUN should not be mistaken as indifferent to the laudable initiation of AMOTEKUN. AMOTEKUN's substance is long overdue in the southwest. AMOTEKUN is a conceivable idea birthed by the potent minds of visionary Yoruba leaders. Yoruba is a pacesetter in the geopolitical structure of Nigeria. Baba Buhari and the Federal government have no choice in this impending architectural security edifice being put in place by our thoughtful leaders in Southwestern Nigeria. It must be backed up by relevant laws.

In the meantime, the stakeholders in Yorubaland and our leaders must carefully conscript literate and well-informed interested job seekers into the AMOTEKUN security outfit! It must not be a child's play or get politicized. This is the first time in a long time, after the death of the late sage Obafemi Awolowo, Yoruba sons and daughters will come in unison to ferociously support the thoughtfulness of our leaders. AMOTEKUN must also be all-inclusive and bereft of religious and naughty idiosyncrasies to make AMOTEKUN a success. Yoruba is a house in the cocoon of the unity of purpose. Yoruba can never be intimidated and challenged to defeat. AMOTEKUN, here you have come stay to protect our motherland!