Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Arizona, USA

Tope Alabi

"If you see and understand what I see, we are on the same page, and in the same cocoon of art. But if you can't explain what I see, you cannot understand. So it may be a futile exercise for me trying to convince you. But do I really care about your idiocy?" - Yahaya Balogun

hame on you these "holier-than-thou" Nigerians crucifying this mortal and infallible woman--the renowned gospel singer, Tope Alabi. When your hypocrisy stinks to high heaven in your closet, only to come out in the open to castigate a woman who has done more evangelism to Christianity than you 'born-against' in every moral pedigree of Tope Alabi. Tope Alabi, the therapeutic angelic agent and sonorous gospel singer who brought joy and happiness to many Nigerian homes in the Diaspora.

I have zero tolerance for pretense and idiocy. What is the definition of morality and religion in a society that swims in immorality and irreligiosity? In your privacy, you dance erotically to Kirk Franklin, and lusciously enthralling and mesmerizing the music of R Kelly (a man rightly cooling in the penitentiary institution).

You even secretly watch pornographic images and videos like hinterland ladies and guys in the porno village.

If you--"Saints" are that religious and holier than the Vatican and Saudi citizens, why is your clime stinking with malfeasance of immortality, corruption, self-hate, tribalism, jealousy, mendacious politics and meningitis of religion?

In the meantime, check yourself with mindfulness before preaching or lecturing us on how not to be unholy, or to be holy with your surreptitious definition of Holiness. Tope Alabi's fallibility can be redeemed if her moral consciousness is triggered and atoned.

While seeking to redeem ourselves from the rhapsodies of praise to our creator, leave the praise and worship singer alone in her existential mortality, evangelism, and salvation. Only Him knows who worships Him in truth and in faith!