Sunday, February 9, 2020
Arizona, USA

ased on filtered news emanating from Nigeria to our nosy ears, Governor Babagana Zulum from Bornu State seems to be one of Nigeria's dividends of democracy! Folks, I don't know about you, but for me, Nigeria's breakthrough is imminently seeable and not negotiable. I need to read more about this emerging moral bounty (Babagana Zulum) of Nigeria. Those who are using 'us' against 'us' are eventually going to be losers and be put to shame.

I can understandably share people's frustration and pessimism on the current Nigerian projects---a nation under slow work-in-progress. Decades of futile political promises have dampened or erased their optimism of a better Nigeria! But in victory parlance, winners have never been quitters! Winners premise their optimism on the courage of their convictions!

Winners can easily see what losers find difficult to see, yet they both live in the firmament of open or hidden opportunities. While losers live in the bubbles and cocoon of illusions, winners are also optimists and idealists in the house of doable and optimism.

Seriously, if we can collectively muse the positive side of our medulla Oblongata where cognitive reasoning resides, we will be able to see a future full of opportunities and possibilities!

My admonition to pessimists and the disgruntled citizens in the Diaspora, please, don't give up on your country! You are borrowers of your comfort zones. The real owners of the borrowed spaces you reside comfortably are patriots of these countries. Be a real owner by joining hands with us to build a country we can proudly call our own.

Governor Babagana Zulum of Bornu state is not known to many Diaspora Nigerians, but his seeming disposition to decency and administrative prowess in our emerging market of good governance should be our collective perusal and muse. All Nigeria crucially needs now are moral revivalists and transformational leaders to breakthrough her moral and sociopolitical predicaments.