Thursday, December 24, 2020


he Psalmist posed a question, that "If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Psalm 11:3) It is analogous to the current situation in Nigeria. The aphrodisiac fire of deep-seated evil is consuming the nation's foundation, and the righteous are looking on or bemused. It is incumbent on every reasonable citizen to be reflective at this moment in history. The truth be told, this was not the nation we all envisaged; neither was it the nation bequeathed by the founding fathers.

What then is fueling the collapse of our foundation? To our chagrin, this is long in the making, and the reasons are not far-fetched; for one, the country is under siege, and president Buhari is afraid because of his overthrow experience. This fear might not be expressed openly but evident in his action because it resides in the recess of his mind. He probably reasoned that if he changed the lack of luster service chiefs, they would remove him.

If it is not fear, then what is it? The current restlessness in the country is a bridge too far. The culminating series of attacks on the nation's psyche seem to have normalized chaos and inadvertently has made the citizenry lose their sensibility. The daily dose of consternating events cower them, and they are in a constant state of fearful disposition. Our people have stopped living but merely existing. This sudden development is not what we signed to as a people. This government has not seen the need to eliminate this inept, lousy rubbish, the so-called service chiefs.

The recent abduction of hundreds of boys from their school is lacerating, excruciating, and deeply traumatizing to everyone in the nation. And we say enough is enough!

There have been numerous calls from different quarters for the president to replace the current set of service chiefs, at least for lack of performance; he refused until now. Nevertheless, we are being fed daily by the misery, sorrow, and pain of the senseless murder of our fellow citizens. The bandits' egregious atrocities suggest that this president is afraid to act or is too senile to gauge the nation's pulse. His inaction poses an existential threat to our fragile democracy. Of course, this is not the quintessence Buhari we voted for to procure the nation out of the abysmal insecurity and looting frenzy of his predecessor.

In the Nigerian nation, the guarantee to life seems antiquated and superfluous because life and living have become so cheap that it does not command any meaningful value. Many of the citizenries are buckling under the system that is designed not to support them.

Many of our citizens in the diaspora see this current debacle as profoundly disconcerting; nonetheless, they do not necessarily pull their weight to help the oppressed and disenfranchised people in Nigeria.

King Solomon said, "Time and chance happen to them all." (Ecclesiastes 9:11) This president has his time now and currently blowing his chances of having a good legacy. Anyone who has the president's ear should tell him, and he must know that the nation is at the brink of total collapse, and the people are outraged and hungry too. It is no longer sufficient to hide behind the smokescreen of endless, baseless panels of inquiries that yield no tangible results but a wanton waste of taxpayer's money.

Many of our overtly ignorant legislature who continues to luxuriate in the oppressed antipathy should rethink their position. These pseudo lawmakers are known for making discordant noises and nothing to show for the enormous amount of our common patrimony pilfered through humongous salary and the constituency allowances that do not show up in their various constituents.

Our country looters like Ayo Fayose are riding roughshod over the people because this government could not effectively prosecute fraudulent cases in the law court. The EFCC has become a joke to our nation's enemies because this government could not act swiftly on their panel of inquiry's recommendation. Corruption is indeed fighting back, and it has kicked this government in the middle tooth. The corrupt cult is having a field day and celebrating because the powerful Attorney General has clipped Magu's wings. Where does this leave the people? Utter despair!

Ironically, nations of the world are looking at how they will provide COVID-19 vaccines to their respective countries, advance progressive agenda, like renewable energy. In contrast, Nigeria is still grappling with the dispensable problem of insecurity, epileptic power supply, bad roads, comatose manufacturing base, general infrastructure decay, youth unemployment, and continued borrowing, which does not translate to a good life for her people. Regrettably, this is a consequence of failed leadership and bad governance.

It is time for the real Buhari to show up, jettison inanities, and defend the oath he swore to support Nigeria's integrity and people, which is under constant attack. He should stop acting like the spineless American GOP who could not protect their country's democracy when it matters the most.

The president should ensure the abducted boys returned to their already traumatized parents. Please stop the platitude of our prayers and thoughts with you because this will not cut it, and prayers alone will do nothing unless accompanied by decisive action. Otherwise, the seething anger will boil over, and no one will be able to contain it when it does.

Without mincing words, this is also a clarion call for those #EndSars Organizers to start now to strategize how they will remove bad leadership from both the PDP and APC. It is either they join a political party or come up with their own. Time is of the essence; if they wait too long, it will elude them again.