Sunday, December 20, 2020
Arizona, USA

omething extraordinary is evolving in Nigeria. It is Gen Z. Despite the hopelessness in the homeland, these literary mutants will change Nigeria for good. In the last one year, I have had a great opportunity with humility to literally and literarily "adopt" young talented but relatively unknown Nigerians. These young Nigerians are not only mesmerizing my insatiable literary mind but also giving me satisfaction and hope of a future Nigeria.

Our past immediate generation (Baby boomers) and the current one (Gen X) in Nigeria are entwined in a collective waste. The baby boomers of Nigeria (past generation) whom we still have their prominence and remnants clogging the wheels of growth of the next generation (Gen Z) aren't only irrelevant but mortgaging the future of (Gen Z) Nigeria.

As Saheediy belongs to the next Gen Z. An SSS 3 student. When you see a budding author and impassioned boy at a tender age topping his quills and writing ceaselessly on parchment papers to teach, inspire, reconstruct cognition and mesmerize an audience of insatiable voyager of poetry and literature, worshipers of the Muse need to encourage and oil his innocent and penetrating mind. As Saheediy, though I have never met this young and dynamic boy before, my awareness of As Saheediy's fertile mind is something I want every lover of talents (worshippers of the Muse) to be keen about. This young boy is one of the representations of the best that are yet to come to a nation in distress, and want of credible leadership. I wish more indelible inks into As Saheediy's unique quills, biros, parchment papers, etc.....! It is a new beginning for As Saheediy and his contemporaries in the flourishing field of global literati.

Every time I read the works of these Gen Z of Nigeria residing in a wasteland, my heart aches in trembling agony for them. But hope is not lost! They need our intellectual encouragement. My occasional conversations with these young promising lads in Nigeria are very encouraging. In their voices is a collective resilience and vigor to break the curse of the past generations (Naija Baby boomers) hovering over them.

As Saheediy's brand new book titled: "The Opened Tome" is an anthology well crafted in the cocoon of the innocent minds. Every line in the newly published and tiny but resourceful book is relishing and unputdownable. As Saheediy must be encouraged to flourish. Maybe, just maybe, the budding minds as As Saheediy may reverse the famished road to nowhere in which this wasted generation is journeying on!

Please, join me to celebrate this icon of inspiration, humble and brilliant young Nigerian author, As Saheediy.