Friday, December 18, 2020
Arizona, USA

HEADLINE: Primate Ayodele reveals the location of kidnapped Kastina boys - PM NEWS

hen spiritual leaders of a country become an integral part of a nation's central intelligence and reconnaissance mission (i.e., military observation of a region to locate enemies or ascertain strategic features), the people in that country must be in grotesque fear, REAL fear! The Central intelligence apparatus of Nigeria is ramshackle and seems nonexistent. What is going on in Nigeria? Is Nigeria a rudderless or leaderless nation? Who is in control of the affairs of the most populous nation in Africa?

When I read in the PM NEWS recently about the abducted Kaduna kids and that Primate Elijah Ayodele had a vision and revealed the poor and assailed boys' location, my unsettling mind and heart ache for a troubled nation in dire need of help. "There was a country!" Who will rescue Nigeria? A country that was once a country with boisterous people.

The spiritual leader, Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church alleged that God reveals to him that: "the kidnapped students from Government Science Secondary School, Kankara, Katsina State are somewhere between the Niger Republic and Nigeria." Nigeria is a failed state. When a country becomes a pariah state, the Hobbesian theory, i.e., a condition where life is short, brutish, and nasty, becomes prevalent. All kinds of misnomers become the new normal-senior deceitful people deceive junior deceitful people; senior hypocrites engage in the hypothesis of hypocrisy to sway the junior opportunists and hypocrites (?`g Ir? a ma p ir? fn n kker r?, ?`g k a ma ?k fn kker k). The citizens of such a state will begin to consume all sorts of unfit nuances of news for human cognition and consumption. Can you blame the spiritual leader for offering to help with his "spiritual job and power?" Let's not "judge" these gods of men; let's judge some of us who are entangled with deliberate ignorance to their prophesies and manipulations.

Meanwhile, the god of man, oh! Sorry the "man of God" shouldn't be accused of rendering his "sacred" power to fish out the hoodlums from the forest of a thousand demons. Sarcastically, the jejune Federal government of Nigeria should be encouraged to deploy the spiritual leader's help to the embattled children's rescue. The Nigerian citizens and family of the abducted kids must begin to genuflect for the famous primate to help commandeer the namby-pamby terrorists to release the innocent children.

When a nation is bedeviled with coward terrorists who are enemies of western education, the people in that part of the clime must be rescued from being sent back to the medieval period. Nigeria is in a perilous and precarious situation. There are a system failure and the systemic failure of leadership in a country bubbling with unequaled but wasted human resources. Who will save Nigeria is a stale lamentation!