Sunday, August 30, 2020

s Edo people goes to the electoral box on September 19, 2020, to elect a governor and members of the state's assembly, they must ask themselves what Edo stands for and the values that the election outcome should reflect?

Edo State as the 'Heart Beat Of The Nation' still hold true. Although, ironically refers to the old Bendel State, which used to be Nigeria's revenue pump and the financial fuel of Northern political elites and their greedy surrogate Southerners. Even so, apart from Edo State's wealth, that has diminished by the split into two respective states - Edo and Delta; Edo, in addition to its political strongmen and brain, is equally strategically important to Yoruba, Hausa and Fulani as their gate way into the South. Therefore, Edo affairs matter to all the political actors in Nigeria. Whether Edo politicians understand it, is a different matter?

All the same, Edo people expected APC to let incumbent Governor Obaseki run his re-election on its platform but sabotaged by Oshiomhole's High-handed mishandling of the nomination process to the benefit of so-called Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu. A performing Governor denied right of first refusal by his own party tells the dirt of godfather politics and Nigeria's democracy - where performance is not rewarded.

Ex APC Chairman Oshiomhole fallout with Governor Obaseki was the result of the latter coming open about Oshiomhole and his friends' greed for Edo people's money. Oshiomhole overbearing character left Governor Obaseki no option but to put the facts squally, that the former was preventing him, Governor Obaseki from using the received federal allocation and local revenues on the people and for development - famously phrased: 'Edo money belongs to Edo people'.

Only matured minds are able to deal with criticisms. After all, it is the price of being a public person. That Oshiomhole would hold it as grudge to stop a performing governor from seeking re-election on a banner that ought to put his party, APC in a positive light is not just absurd but insane and affront on democracy. Notoriously, Oshiomhole's lack of principles and discipline as well as being a reactionary politician, goes dirty. If you cannot bring a man down, perhaps lies might stick! Governor Obaseki was no longer a party-man because he wants everybody to have a share of the money coming into Edo State's treasury instead of a few people having unreasonable take of every penny.

Oshiomhole dirty war and vendetta politics in connivance with enemies of Edo people, who do not want progressive governance doomed Obaseki's second term bid on APC Platform. Interestingly, Governor Obaseki understands that any political party is just the vehicle and not the master. He knows, what is at stake on Edo's election. Although, Oshiomhole and his APC friends botch his supposedly desire of running his candidacy on their platform, Obaseki's good judgement and wisdom is saving Edo the unthinkable of having Pastor Ize Iyamu as next Governor who is a known treasury thief according to EFCC indictment and by Oshiomhole himself.

Governor Obaseki is a good sell to PDP hence the open arm welcoming and crowing as its Flag bearer for the Governorship race. A good fruit doesn't need packaging and PDP understands that Governor Obaseki is a big gain and asset for reclaiming a lost glory and power after ex- Governor Professor Osunbor.

Now, these are the choices for Edo people as they vote not just for a Governor but also for the legislature:

  1. Vote for Governor Obaseki means putting Oshiomhole, the self assumed godfather to rest. So that Edo people will find space for development and progressive politics.

  2. Voting Governor Obaseki means not returning to the Era of Tony Anenih - where only a few people shared the monies for development while the majority of Edo people went to bed hungry, demoralised and many young people forced out to seek opportunities elsewhere.

  3. Voting for governor Obaseki will return Edo State back to the Eras of Late Ogbemudia and Professor Alli. Where Edo people thrived economically and young people found inspiration in education and in their best academically including improved quality of life.

  4. Vote for Obaseki means progress and dignity for Edo people. Because, Governor Obaseki embraces good attitude and values. He understands the notion of hard work. And not his contender, so-called Pastor Ize Iyamu and his immoral friends who will blind our people with prayer warriors and promises of fake miracles while plundering Edo's collective wealth.

  5. Governor Obaseki is a tested leader with an independent mind of fighting for what is right and good for Edo people in the poisoned Federation of Nigeria.

  6. Vote for Obaseki will stop Oshiomhole's puppet - Ize Iyamu from taking Edo resources and commonwealth to another Fulani terrorist like Oshiomhole did. What is the result? Edo people can no longer go to their farms because of Fulani herders terrorism, raping our women and the destruction of our people's crops and properties. The direct outcome of Oshiomhole short-sightedness and personal interests of sponsoring the wrong man into Aso Rock with Edo money. Edo people are saying NO! We cannot be deceived anymore by Oshiomhole and those connected to him!! Enough is enough!!!

  7. Edo people want a Governor who will put the safety of their lives and properties above personal interests and that of its political party.

  8. Vote for Governor Obaseki will give new meaning to governance and total end for thugs taking over revenue collection and the purging of all persons with questionable sources of wealth. In order to clean Edo State of negativities and into a new dawn.

  9. To be a Governor of MOU (Memorandum of Understanding between government and private investors under private public partnership agreement), is not negative at all. It means that, Governor Obaseki is a thorough and thoughtful manager, who understands the essence of getting things done in a proper legal framework when bringing international economic players and investments into Edo State. For Edo State to rise economically, Edo State needs international partners being championed by our wise MOU Governor Obasek and not his contender who is happy, having only hotel businesses in Edo despite no developed tourism. Again, it demonstrates that Governor Obaseki has an international touch and understands how to bring best business practice to bear. Now is the time to renew the mandate to enable him finish the good work he started that could take Edo State to the next level after re-election.

  10. Governing a state is not an apprentice job! Pastor Ize Iyamu lacks the experience, international connection and sound education. Edo State is too important to be entrusted with Ize Iyamu and for experimentation!

  11. Edo State needs a Governor that has business acumen on how to liberate the private sector in collaboration with the banks to provide loans for small and medium businesses. Thereby generating entrepreneur spirit for young people and expanding opportunities for everyone.

  12. Transparency in governance is the key to getting the right business partners for Edo economic transformation. This is where Governor Obaseki stands tall and not his contender Ize Iyamu, who will follow the same cheating trait of his sponsor- Oshiomhole to rent people to come and commission non-existing projects and using the media to showcase virtual projects as real to defraud our people.

xiii. Vote Governor Obaseki to end the banditry against Edo State which is not getting its fair share of the national wealth and federal development in spite of its Henchmen and daughters commanding strong political influence. But for their chase of personal fortune leaves Edo people deprived and disdained by other Nigerians.

Edo people, the road ahead is long! But we have to do the work by voting Governor Obaseki as well as securing him overwhelming majority in the state's house of assembly. It is the only way of getting Governor Obaseki to work for us and not for Oshiomhole's errand boys hoping to ambush the Governor with threats of impeachment and financial extortions should they have control of the House!

Above all, now is the time of sending Adam Oshiomhole to political oblivion and the ending of so-called godfather politics. Even so, just voting is not enough and also, Edo people must take all civic actions in ensuring that their votes are counted, protected and thugs stopped.

Edo election is a big deal because our conscience and values are at stake. So, Edo people, you have the stark choice of either Governor Obaseki's Brightside of life or Mr. Ize Iyamu's Dark side of life?