Thursday, August 6, 2020
Arizona, USA

Dear Mr. President,

hen we talk of family values; when we talk of husband and leader, or a man that enthuses the moral fibers of humanity, you, President Obama epitomizes all these qualities and more! You are a very brilliant and intelligent man with an insatiable sense of witticism. You are a leader with no scandals of grabbing other women's genitalia. No wonder you are the most admired man on the face of the earth! Every attempt to get you diminished has got your enemies diminished beyond their imagination. Your enemies are disgustingly suffering in silence!

I did not envy you as a former custodian of the most difficult job in the world. Your personality and how you handled difficult situations during your administration are what remotely corded me with you. Your grey hair at your blossom age is a testimonial of your hard work and indefatigability as the former President of the most powerful nation in the world. Your presence in the Oval Office edified and embellished the White House.

Your initial divine adventure into the White House was greeted with universal acceptance; as time went on, the onerous tasks of managing a troubled world dawned on us. But your vintage personality to use dialogue and understanding instead of war or grandstanding was a sound judgment. Nigeria owes you her appreciation for conscientizing the immediate past government; to respect the wishes of millions of disgruntled citizens in the general elections before your terms of office.

Those with the misconceptions of your unblemished judgment on germane issues did not understand your roles in an effort to shape the world for the common good of humanity, but your legacy to see a peaceful world devoid of fanaticism, racism, terrorism, and divisiveness will be appreciated in years, decades and centuries to come. You've engraved and etched your name in the sands of time. The whole world now sees you as one of the best Presidents the United States has produced compared to the current juvenile toddler-leader the exceptional nation is grappling with, with much trepidation.

B.a.r.a.c.k! We love your beautiful and morally upright family. Under the institution of marriage, Michelle and you have taught many families the definition of unblemished love and understanding. As millions of people across the world rejoice with you and your quintessential family to celebrate your birthday, may you continue to shine; and be as constant as the northern star. May your cool demeanor, calm persona, decency, oratorical communication style continue to dazzle us and rattle your pathetic adversaries. Love you to the moon and back.

Happy birthday President Barack Obama.