Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Arizona, USA

"If a man wants to erect a resentful tent camping in the marketplace of ideas, he better chooses the right land to construct his resentful canopy." - Yahaya Balogun

o not toy with Awo's beautiful legacy; his soul represents the best in us, and the school of decency! Please! Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Oyeniyi Awolowo's tumultuous life was a macrocosm of the utopian society. Unfortunately, where the late Baba hailed from has never mirrored utopian clime. Nigeria is a dystopian (dysfunctional) society! In a nutshell, after Chief Obafemi Awolowo, along with others, secured our independence from the brutish British, Nigeria has derailed by self-destructing enhanced by her sociopath politicians and religious leaders.

Posthumously, Nigeria and Africa nations continue to celebrate a man of God, a man of conscience and wisdom, a man whose background synced with the ordinary man on the streets of Nigeria and Africa. AWO was a Pan-Africanist and an excellent resource for intellectual minds. Awo's bank of knowledge and wisdom has continued to feed the unending intellectual thirst of true Awoists, and his enthusiastic followers. If a man wants to erect a resentful tent camping in the marketplace of ideas, he better chooses the right land to construct his resentful canopy. Any attempt to malign Awo's aced name will boomerang. The backfire will destroy any remnants of decency left in any man or woman on Nigerian religious "gnja" or "igb"(Gnja or Igb is Nigerian potent marijuana...).

Meanwhile, as some us wanton in the holly molly of the self-styled cleric, when you regularly consume the 'holy plants" (Igbo), which is also known as "psychedelic plants," your mind will always think gibberish things. Your antics will be funny or not funny to people, reasonable or not reasonable to people. That is what we seem to infer from the 'god of men' who are harvesting the famine of church members' contributions, induced by Coronavirus pandemic. He appears to seek the best of attention from the public to his synagogue.

When the self-styled Nigerian clerics want to stir the hornet's nest, they will concoct unintelligible conspiracy theories; they will garnish them with gibberish. The lazy religious bigots and gullible followers will be falling on one another to consume the concoctions with relish----a vestige of gullibility and ignorance. Olrun m k sr, lk run o!(God is too divinely patient!) S ip tlk l so opolo omoknrin da lpyd? (Is it poverty that makes a man lose his innate cognition?) Sugbon, Oj gbogbo n t'ol, Oj kan ni ti n nkan (But every day is for the thieve, one day is for the owner!) The cynical people can only fester in a dystopian society.

Baba Awo came; he saw, he changed the minds that wanted to change, and uninhibited the souls that refused to change for good. The late sage was blessed with a unique brain by God through the Lord Jesus Christ Baba served much before he died peacefully in his Ikenne sprawling home on May 9, 1987. Baba was not selfish or greedy with his wealth of experience and expertise. Awo's repository of knowledge benefited his friends and foes. AWO did not only belong to the Yoruba enclave, but he also belonged to Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

Meanwhile, people with a potent mind, even if they were born in poverty, poverty will never be taken in them. Existentially, it can only temporarily tarry with serious thought, but it will not linger in the long run. As I am writing this message, with my intuition, I can imagine Baba Awo mesmerizing with the euphoria of joy in the beautiful hands of the Almighty God.

May the late sage Baba Obafemi Jeremiah Oyeniyi Awolowo's beautiful soul continue to adore his heavenly and everlasting home. Literally, "if you pond yams in a big mortal and you prepare soup in a groundnut shell, those who will be "bellyful will be bellyful." Awo's immortality has outshined those who can never be like him in the existentialism of life and after that!

The Late sage, Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Oyeniyi AWOLOWO, should continue to rest in peace. We will continue to celebrate his immortality, may his good deeds continue to prod and rule the conscience of those who can never taste, from an ethical and moral inheritance he left behind. Baba should remember that those who made him the best President Nigeria never had are still stealing the souls of unsuspecting Nigerians. Nigeria is still an unserious entity, and a dystopian nation as Awo succinctly predicted, even before his passage more than 33 years ago.