Saturday, August 1, 2020
Arizona, USA
(American Dream Come True!)

Yinka Faleti, in the race for Missouri Secretary of State

"Explore all the windows into your deeper self and your future, it is called dreams and imagination for possibilities." - Yahaya Balogun

hile Nigerian leadership is failing in Nigeria, interestingly, rooted Nigerians are soaring high in the international community. Nigerians are sine qua non (an essential condition; a thing that is absolutely necessary) in the heartbeats of the rest of the world. Internationally, from Asia to Europe; North America to South East Asia, Middle East to the remote part of the iceberg-flanked of the Antarctica, Nigerian names are echoing like rock stars and blazing a trail. We are making every responsible Nigerian, and the world proud of our intellectual capacity.

Wherever you find yourself anywhere in the world is your abode...., your homey is your root but where God has placed you as your habitat is undoubtedly home. You must contribute your quotas by using your acquired knowledge in education, sociocultural, economic, and political experiences to bear positively in the lives of the people living in your habitat. This is exactly what another Nigerian American is doing at St. Louis in the state of Missouri, United States. That person is a vintage Mr. Yinka Faleti. A very proud US Army veteran. He is also an articulate and quintessential lawyer!

Faleti, 44, said he decided to enter the race of Missouri's Secretary of State after months of consideration because he felt the right to vote and the ballot initiative process was under siege in Missouri. “Voting is the new frontier in the fight for democracy in our state,” Faleti asserted. The quintessential Nigerian American is a Democrat. He is Mr. Adeyinka Faleti. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Faleti immigrated to the United States when he was seven years old. He grew up and had his early education in Florida and Texas, and earned admittance to the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1994. He graduated in 1998, eventually served six years in the U.S Army, and got deployed to Kuwait in early 2001 and again after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Aside from Mr. Yinka's patriotism at the US Army, by serving his privileged country--the USA, Mr. Yinka Faleti's window into his deeper self and future (what we call dreams), enhanced his dream of serving his people at the local and state levels. In 2004, the young Faleti moved to St. Louis to attend Washington University School of Law. He had the intention of returning to the Army upon his graduation, but instead, he took a position at the Bryan Cave law firm. After a brilliant period of time with the firm, Faleti decided to make a change to his earlier decision to return to the US mission. “I missed having a mission, as I did in the Army,” he explained. “I missed the size of that mission. I figured the best way I could serve was to use my legal skills to help people. So I went to be a prosecutor in the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office. And I absolutely loved that job.” Mr. Yinka Faleti eventually left the prosecutor’s office to help lead "United Way of Greater St. Louis. He then practiced as an attorney at the global law firm of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner and subsequently as a state prosecutor, where he worked for justice for victims of abuse, assault, and burglary.

In 2018, Mr. Faleti became the executive director of Forward Through Ferguson. In the aftermath of the 2014 protests over the killing of the unarmed teenager Michael Brown by a police officer, Faleti oiled his legal jurisprudence and sauntered into the legal room to help achieve the nonprofit’s mission: according to him, "to move the greater St. Louis region toward equity in all things." According to Faleti, "the work was rewarding, but “we could work our tails off, but we weren’t the ones writing the laws.” “And that’s why I’m running.”

Faleti is the sole Democrat running for Secretary of State against the incumbent Republican in this 2020 election cycle." If Faleti wins the nomination, he would take on Ashcroft, a first-term Republican, and son of former U.S. Attorney General and Missouri Gov. John Ashcroft. He is currently a frontrunner for the position. There is nothing impossible to achieve if we can face the temerity and challenges associated with our doable mission and imagination. I implore all Nigerian-Americans, Africans, and Missourians in the state of Missouri to rally around the vintage and proud citizen of the state of Missouri. As a Democrat, Faleti's victory will be a victory for all sons and daughters of the soils of Nigeria and America.

We should support one of our own intellectual ambassadors to this great country---the United States of America. If Faleti is overwhelmingly supported, the brilliant and thoughtful Yinka Faleti is capable of changing the political equations of the state of Missouri by winning over his Republican opponent, Ashcroft. Mr. Faleti has big shot in the state of Missouri. He will be a pacesetter, and one of the magnificent representations of the best things to come to the state of Missouri.

Join the team YINKA FALETI through the links below, today to contribute to his victory.

Our first campaign ad: https://youtu.be/fzrYkzcMsRA
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