Monday, September 30, 2019
Arizona, USA

"The best way to create a true friendship or avowed enemy is to stand by the sine qua non of the truth. Never waive or get cowed by the egregious values of haters, but be defined and encouraged by the sacred values of those who stand by their integrity, truth and beliefs in what is right." - Yahaya Balogun

posted my case against the continued detention of Mr. Omoyele Sowore last night, I was stuned and surprised that some people cannot discern my honest opinion in the piece concerning Sowore, Courts, DSS and the Federal government of Nigeria. The author of this piece is a moral influencer and unrepentant inquisitor. He doesn't belong to any political party in Nigeria, but he's motivated by men of good conscience and moral compass. I have celebrated some card-carrying members of the PDP who are doing great to advance the wishes and aspirations of the Nigerian people.

It is preposterous to note when it becomes immoral or social crime if you disagree with the stances of people who are motivated by hate and idiosyncratic maladies of cyborgs on social media. It is an insult also to compare Sowore with corruption-personified Dasuki, Danziani, Elzakzaky etc. When you celebrate thieves to advance the nuances of hate, or political expedient and ethnic bigotry: morality and probity will be very expensive for you to harness for possession as an asset. What most of us sometimes fail to realize is that people cannot give what they don't have. You cannot also have the exact thing you've ignorantly given away. Integrity is a scarce commodity, only the truthfinders can buy it, not with money but with quintessential characters.

People who see criticisms and opinions from the prisms of tribal, religious and political sentiments are usually motivated by hate not substance or substantive issues. With a friend like social media haters, you do not need social media enemies. I have aversion for resenters who cannot withstand constructive criticisms without bringing these nuances of hate into an important conversation. People should keep to their dignified silence from my posts, and swim in the euphoria of resentment in their hate social groups. If you don't have honest contributions to my honest opinions and unbiased inferential issues of national interests and importance, please, keep calm and keep away from honest conversations.

Your best bet to maintain your indecent behavior and values is to stay away from the comity of people who are walking fine lines to participate in national discourse. My best bet to maintain my dignity and moral construction is to distance myself from the vicinity of promoters of hate, fake love and bigotry. Fake love and pretense have never stood the test of time. Truth and falsehood can have easy psudo-marriage of each other, but their marriage and divorce have always been an unmitigated nightmare and disaster. I have no regret in celebrating the lives of fallible people with unconditional love and good conscience. They owe me nothing but love, political, tribal and religious significance. Sowore is a good guy with recalcitrant attitude, Buhari is a good man with recalcitrant (tinumi ni maase) attitude. I don't solicit for approval on my opinions neither do I curry favors from good people. Those who know Yahaya Balogun will tell you that he has zero tolerance for pretense, corruption, stupidity, hate and idiocy.

The two people (Sowore and Buhari) who are agitating for an egalitarian society from a wasteland are victims of a society from which they operate. The great asset you cannot take away from these two individuals (Sowore and Buhari) is their similar and tested integrity. In the museum of truth and morality, conscience is nurtured by truth. Truth and integrity speak to each other's conscience without the interference of the society they inhabit. President Muhammadu Buhari's government must release Omoyele Sowore immediately to avoid diminishing the leverage of goodwill majority of Nigerians reposed in him. Truth is bitter to faultfinders, but truth sweets the hearts of those who seek truth unencumbered.

Sadly, I will conclude my piece with this quote from the former President of Apartheid South Africa, Peter Willen Botha: "Black people cannot rule themselves because they don't have the brain and mental capacity to govern a society.... Give them guns, they will kill themselves. Give them power, they will steal all the government money; give them independence and democracy, they will use them to promote religious bigotry, tribalism, ethnicity, hatreds, killings and wars." - Peter Willem Botha (South Africa:1988). We should stop to rape ourselves for outsiders to stop the rape of our collective psyche. You may question the above controversial statement from the Apartheid master, but I doubt if our subconscious minds can dispute some facts contained therein!