Monday, September 30, 2019
Arizona, USA

udos to you, Baba for your beautiful comment on xenophobic attacks of our citizens in the den of evil South Africa. For the first time, in a long time, I am in love with you Baba Obasanjo. Baba, you seem to be shedding out your toga of "do or die" affair polity, and the Tortoise's insignia. Your disposition and statements so far on xenophobia were very continental and statesmanlike. Your roles as a Nigerian Head of States during the evil apartheid in South Africa was legendary and commendable.

For the umpteenth time, it pained us to heart to have seen you squandered the well recognizable role in the history of Apartheid in South Africa. Baba, you need to come out now to play a continental role and assist the Presidents of both countries (Nigeria and South Africa) to resolve the nagging issues. The victims of xenophobia must be compensated. The youths in South Africa must be reorientated to apologize to their victims in the evil-brotherly heinous crime in their country.

When Nelson Mandela was arrested and imprisoned in 1962 and sentenced to life imprisonment, most of these youths that perpetrated the heinous crimes were not even born. You took a giant stride and great role in leading the dismantling apartheid in South Africa.

I guarantee you that all of these festered perpetrators of xenophobic attacks did not know that you visited Nelson Mandela several times in Pretoria prison, and fought for his historic release from his 27 years of inhuman incarceration. Mandela's incarceration was split between Robben Island, Pollsmoor and Victor Verster penitentiary institutions (prisons).

Baba, I am humbly suggesting to you to lead a delegation in this reorientation and reconciliation of African youths. You should bring the youth groups of both countries together through mediation and reconciliatory concerts by African talented musicians for permanent and lasting peace, love and unity in Africa. In spite of our miffed attitude towards your inglorious political role at home in Nigeria after Apartheid, your endearing legacy of help to dismantle apartheid in South Africa can never be erased from history books.

Good job, Baba Iyabo!