Monday, September 23, 2019
Arizona, USA

"45 days in detention are enough punishment for his (Sowore) tactless choice of words to describe a (genuine) protest." - Petra Akinti Onyegbule

he Petra's submission above aptly conveys my mind about the whole issue of Sowore and the Nigerian state. President Muhammadu Buhari's administration must walk a fine line in dealing with Sowore's case. Sowore is not a criminal. As Sowore erringly misappropriated his priority, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is veering away and misappropriating his priority to wisely address Sowore's misdemeanor, and the potent issues Sowore is emphasizing in Nigeria. The amplification of Sowore's infractions by the people; and the adversaries of Sowore and Buhari is also a misappropriation of priority by the populace.

Nigeria is at the threshold of history. Sowore is not a criminal. Sowore is a good material for Nigeria political rearmament in the future. Sowore's brief fraternity with a secessionist in a pedestrian meeting complicated his case in the minds of reasonable Nigerian umpires. Sowore is not a criminal. Nigerians know those who are criminals, and who are supposed to be in penitentiary institutions. Definitely, Sowore behaved like a juvenile activist. His choice of language to emancipation the youth was his burden. Sowore should be unstoppable to continue his struggle. But he must do it wisely after his solitude and reflection.

Sowore is not a criminal. Those who are criminals are the economic saboteurs who are flaunting and roaming the streets of Nigeria unhindered with our looted wealth. Sowore is not a criminal. The criminals are those who use our collective wealth to sponsor and educate their children abroad after they have killed our educational system. Sowore is not a criminal. The criminals are those who pocketed the mobilization funds for building roads, railways, bridges, power and other infrastructural amenities with abandon recklessness.

Yes! No Nigerian political umpire disputes or argues against the trial of Sowore, but his immediate release if the law found nothing against him must be done. What we are against is the inequity in the distribution of justice in Nigeria. If Sowore can be brought to court within 45 days, the known and unknown looters in Nigeria should be speedily tried too. There is overwhelming and circumstantial evidence to bring these Nigerian looters and their children to justice. To delay justice against these looters is a justice denied in the long run against the Nigerian people. Time is running out.

In a nutshell, Buhari's vision to stamp out official corruption in Nigeria is obvious but it is dusted with so many mixed reactions and contradictions. We must remind the President that time is obviously running against his administration's stance to deter corrupt practices. Fighting official corruption in Nigeria should be all-encompassing! Sowore must not be political cannon fodder. His sweat and sob must not be used or pour as a libation for the sanctity or cleanse of our complacency, or the sins committed willfully by all of us in Nigeria. Those who are sheepishly calling lock him up, lock him up to Sowore should remember the burden of history. History may not be kind to them as Sowore honestly meant well for Nigeria.

My indefatigable friend, Omoyele Sowore goofed by his proclamation of a revolution against the Nigerian state, or federal government of Nigeria. Sowore's utterances on revolution was seditious. No responsible government will fold its hands to see nascent democratic norms impeded with fire. The good thing is that, charges against Sowore are now under the jurisdiction of the competent Nigerian court, we should be cautious of our observation on Sowore's case in order not to be impartial and sentimental against the rule of law. The imminent arraignment of Sowore will be a test of the revamp of our judiciary from corruption, and our clamor for good governance in Nigeria.

Sowore lives in the United States. Hypothetically, if Sowore had said revolution against the Federal Government in the US, FBI would be at his door within minutes or hours. Let's be realistic that Sowore made a big mistake. His mistake and what we are saying is that, Sowore must be looked into from the human fallibility and be pardoned for incitement and sedition. Those lawyers and politicians supporting the seditious utterances made by Sowore do not essentially and existentially love Sowore, they are motivated by the hatred of Buhari and to promote their own selfish and political agenda.

To a parochial and selfish man out there, when the enemy of your enemy is against your enemy, you will suddenly be in support of your real enemy against your other enemy to advance your own selfish agenda. This is my own position on you--fake politicians and their corrupt judicial activists in the ongoing case of Sowore.

My admonition to President Muhammadu Buhari is to thread softly-softly with the 'lesser evil' in Sowore's case and be hard-headed and hard-hitting on those politicians who have brought Nigeria to her kneels. Anything short of this patriotic advise may be a recipe for further polarization of the Nigerian people. Nigeria was at the brink of disaster before the plebeians gave their mandate to Buhari. What President Muhammadu Buhari does with the plebeians' mandate (whether by commission or omissions) will signature his legacy for as long as Nigerians' cognition exits.

Sowore has paid for his costly mistakes and utterances in DSS's den. He must be compassionately released to true Yoruba elders in order to go and 'sin' no more! We must all play safe as we reflect on the collective misappropriation of our values and national priority. Sowore is not a criminal, the criminals are the men and women of yesterday and the ghoulish politicians who have brought to fore our current state of dystopia in Nigeria.