Friday, September 20, 2019
Arizona, USA

"Through lovingkindness, everyone and everything can flower again from within." - Sharin Salzaber

igeria: In Yoruba adage: "Eníkŕn lómň!" Literal meaning: "he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches." The current trends of suicide attempts being revealed on social media concerning depressed people are very disturbing! It is evident that one of the reasons for suicide is depression arising from the endpoint of hopelessness. The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is very alarming and unacceptable!

A few days ago, Mr. Murphy contemplated the idea of ending his life. Mr. Murphy is an unemployed resident and citizen of Nigeria. He posted a scary post on his Facebook page which triggered emotions and mixed reactions by the naughty and savvy cyborgs on social media. He is a graduate and product of unemployment in a resourceful and oil-rich but poor country---Nigeria. Murphy's case is a representation of the millions of his contemporaries suffering from the needless economic hardship in Nigeria. The stakeholders in government must urgently address the state of despair by creating job opportunities for the teeming youths in the country.

The endpoint of depression is suicide or attempted suicide. Suicide ideation is a combination of pre-contemplation and contemplation of an idea of terminating one's life. As I listened to Mr. Murphy's travails through my phone call to him and his family a few days ago, his situation is what some of us had passed through at one time or the other before in our lives! Mr. Murphy only lacks the willpower to withstand the depression that triggered his suicidal thoughts in his post.

Through my preachment, I told him to read other people precarious stories; he would be grateful to God to be alive. I feel relieved now after I had spoken to Mr. Murphy. He feels regretfully conscious of his scary post and promised to seek available help right away! I want to sincerely thank those who have read, in-boxed me, and responded to my post, and the efforts of other people concerning Mr. Murphy in Nigeria. Mr. Murphy is in a good mood now. May Almighty Allah ease our tasks and loose the knots of suicide from our minds and tongues.

Meanwhile, through our extensive conversation, I discerned that Mr. Murphy's case was not a stunt or facade and farcical one! His case is a microcosm of the general decadence and hopelessness in Nigeria. Murphy is also a representation of the squalor among our people. I wish he had given me permission to explain his hidden story and open burden. I carefully pondered on his case and advised Mr. Murphy that he might be born in poverty, but he shouldn't allow poverty to be born in him. God through his creative instruments (men and women) is taking control of Murphy's situation now. You do not have to have money to give succor to the people in distress or depression. Sadly, some of us still manage to remain on Facebook, and solely to be part of a group of problem-solving patriots in a nation trying to waggle itself out of the self-political and economic quagmire.

Yes! Social media is fused with so many stunts, but we shouldn't allow the grandstanding, stupidity, tricks or political gimmicks and lies of others to cloud our sense of judgment and love for humanity. We must not allow the immoral or antisocial values of bad people to devalue our humane view towards humanity. The wish of some bad people is to see victims of depression get consumed by their thoughts or depression.

The disposition of some people to other people going through depression is sickening, preposterous and wicked. Humanity in us must unearth the reason why man has a propensity for deliberate ignorance, resentment, and wickedness. Let's closely watch people who love to see other people go through pains, anguish, and hopelessness; they have thought processes or cognition that is dotted with narcissism and antisocial behavior. We must always avoid people with such behavior from tarnishing our values if we can't change them.

In one of the principles of humanity, animals and man's minds are innately constructed to protect another man, i.e by being our brother's keeper. But the world is gradually lacking empathy and etching to heartlessness. There is nothing impossible for Almighty God to do if we anchor our wishes and striving unto His mighty hands. Every minute or day in our lives is a miracle! God is benevolent, merciful and compassionate. God is good.

The moral lesson for all of us from Mr. Murphy's case is that no one is immune to depression through poverty and riches. While you are showing your compassion to those in need of succor or help, be wary or careful of those who are planning or playing the game of stunts and manipulations. Depression doesn't know richness, poverty, and status in any society. My ultimate message to everyone is: "those who make compassion an essential part of their lives find the joy of life. Kindness deepens the spirit and produces rewards that cannot be completely explained in words." - Robert J. Furey

Kindness doesn't have to involve a strenuous consolidation of our life. Kindness is a sumptuous food to feed the people in distress. We don't have to have enormous wealth or travel abroad to be able to dedicate our lives for a worthy cause. We only need the tiniest acts of kindness and love to interlace our everyday lives. Our acts of kindness can save lives and make a real difference. That little compliment you give to a colleague; encouraging a friend in need with little assistance, words of love and appreciation for everyone who helped us, or giving an effort for a stranger can all make a difference in someone's life. “Sometimes, it is the smallest things that make the most.” We can create a better world if we explore our mindfulness for the good of our friends and neighbors.

Mr. Murphy can be helped and encouraged to polish his self-esteem; discover himself in order to harness his unfinished mission on earth. That mission can also be accomplished for the good of Mr. Murphy and all of us. God is great and very sufficient for our needs if we work harder with faith.