Sunday, September 8, 2019
Arizona, USA

hy every newspaper in Britain is now using the headline of my article first published in the early stage of Brexit is interesting! See the article below:


Brexit has become one of the most unmitigated political disasters of Britain in her long and modern history. The eviction of 21 members of the Conservative party by Boris Johnson is not only undemocratic but a great assault on moral decency and democratic values. The quintessential Amber Rudd has quit the Boris Johnson's cabinet and surrendered the Conservative whip saying she cannot "stand by" while "moderate Conservatives are expelled" from her party. The brexit anomaly is exposing the United Kingdom's frigility and her hyped political power. If Britain leaves the European Union without any deal, it will spell doom for the socio-economic life of Britain.

Like the popular saying, it takes a moment to make a moment. Brexit is a payback for the evil of colonialism and imperialism in Africa. Brexit is literally a non-cash reparation for Africa. But, will Africa leverage on what I call the political 'jagbajantics' of Brexiteers to get her act together? Without Africa, Europe and Asia are not indispensable. "How Europe underdeveloped Africa" has continued as existential damnation to the African countries. Afrikaan leaders must break the jinx of colonialism and neo-colonialism. Our leaders should just wake up to allow their citizens to unleash our innate potential. We must begin to suppress or dismantle the evil and intractable danger of neo-colonialism and imperialism in Africa.

In a mesmerized manner, when you plan to rent out a part of your Medulla Oblongata, be careful who you rent it out to..lol! "Do not allow anyone to rent a place in your head unless they are good tenants!" Bad tenant seems to be currently occupying 10 Downing street in UK. This is the reality confronting Britain today. Those who sold the idea of Brexit to Britain are addle-headed protectionists and isolationists who couldn't see or hide securely beyond their canopy hands! 'Arigisegi' is a remorseful and damning-selfish-insect who likes to weave a rustic and cluster house on its own head. That is, the credit juxtaposition of Brexiteers turning into Regrexiteers in the unfolding circus show of shame and self-immolation in the Great Britain. Who told you the rich cannot also cry?

Boorish Boris Johnson is a stark clown and jester! BoJo is also a nemesis for Brits and far-rights in the United Kingdom. Brits and Brexiteers are in a slippery slope of a journey to the unknown! My prediction: Brexit may be delayed or may not be all! The guy called BoJo has nothing upstairs to offer except brimstone of humor and unetiquette behavior. Brits have entered 'one-chance' this time around. BoJo is an unloaded-existential-barrel, emptied by loquaciousness. Boris Johnson is experiencing the shortest political honeymoon of his time as a Prime Minister in 'Great' Britain's political history. Boring Boris Johnson was verbally battered even by his own party members in the parliamentary session few days ago, a new normal in the UK's political history.

Aunty Theresa May in comparison actually faired better than this boring Boris Johnson-BBJ! BoJo is an uncoordinated jester with clownish mien! Brexiteers' collective medulla Oblongata is now in disarray. The Brexiteers will never accuse us that we didn't warn or advice them of the consequences of Brexit. Regrexit is rattling Brits' consciousness of guilt now. Any keen observer who watched the circus political exhibition or comics at the British Parliament few days ago will know that the fog of uncertainty is clouding the political firmament of Britain. No one knows the endpoint!

Hilariously, unserious British Parliament seems to be in the theater of the absurd, chaos, confusion and self-immolation. Our former colonial master is now fantastically (politically corrupt) undemocratic in her own leadership space. I hope Britain doesn't experience the scariest scarcity of fresh foods, portable water, ordinary toilet papers and toothpicks to clean after themselves if Brexit succeeds in killing their giant cows...! The tunnels from which these essential consumables come from may be blocked against the United Kingdom. We look forward to psychosocial and political advise to BoJo to halt his journey on a famished road to the unknown.

Interestingly, BoJo is a profound jester, rabblerouser and eggheaded dude with no atom of policy wonk. The antics of a jester is a comic relief in the international marketplace of ideas. BoJo is a first-class jester who is embarrassing the Conservative and Labor parties in the international community. Deal or no deal, If Britain sounds 'pke', them go hear 'whnm' from the European Union who is trapping Britain with economic leverage and idiosyncratic traps to let loose......! I hope Brexiteers do not get numbed to Boris Johnson's political jiggery-pokery.

But-me-no-buts to Brexiteers! (E ku bi eyin naa se yan ti yin, eyin Britiko). So sorry for the indiscreet decision of the recalcitrant Brexiteers and the children of Brexit! We hope quick and reasonable solutions are found to save Britain from the self-inflicted political brouhaha.