Sunday, September 8, 2019
Dublin, Ireland

"Those who rule should not divide the nation." Anonymous

"The colonial era of the British imperialism and the handover of power to the Northern Nigeria oligarchy was a replication of the same oppressed leadership which existed during the colonial period. Since then, Nigeria has not been fully an independent nation." - Lucas Anuforo

igeria has defiled all remedies by failing to champion peace domestically within its territory. Religious bigotry and ethnic interest have slowly destroyed the country's fragile unity that was carefully managed since the end of the country's civil war. The country is once again on the verge of plunging into another tribal conflict if precautions to a permanent solution are not taken. The government of Mohammadu Buhari has failed to recognise the dangers and challenges facing his administration.

The outcome of this laxity by his government has created monsters within a few years of his administration by failing to address the issues of insecurity in the country. He upheld ethnic interest to the detriment of the country's unity and allowed ethnic apron string and religious bigotry to ridicule his administration which made him totally lose control of the government. The influence of the cabals and other external factors within the APC party hierarchy was the 'final nail in the coffin.'

The hegemony of the Fulani's insatiable quest for power started since the country's existence as an entity. This also has become part of the country's miserable backwardness in all facet of development. The Fulanis have dominated power for over 59 years since the country became an independent nation, whilst the rest of the country was cognoscenti but ignored it. Their conceit and narcissism were born out of colonial conspiracy of the British imperialism that tutored their grandfathers and later passed it to their children with the ideology that, the country's leadership is a patrimony.

This ugly narrative could be traced back as history may have it, the days when the nation was still basking in euphoria of her independence from Britain. A chilling statement was made by Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Sir Ahamadu Bello on the 12th of October 1960 and was published by a defunct regional newspaper 'THE PARROT' as he was quoted to have said, "The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of great -grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future."

The imbalance of power in the country's political sphere was chronicled by ethnic bias and clandestine agenda by the northern oligarchs that saw the country's leadership as a means to conquer the South and spread their Islamic ideology in all corners of the country.

However, they showed much preponderance during the era of military adventurism especially the post-independent era. Their domineering power and overzealousness to attain the country's military hierarchy and cadre was portentous.

The country's military institution was seen by the Hausa- Fulani's as an industry which they were solicitous. The enrolment process in the military was not based on merit rather on ethnic advantage with most of the military armouries were located in Kaduna and in Zaria. This was responsible for other ethnic groups being left out in the enrolment exercise. Perhaps; an intentional act and deliberate attempt to reduce the numbers of the southerners especially; those from Southeast extraction not to be fully engage in the military recruitments. Consequently, this shenanigan was much prominent after the Nigeria/ Biafra civil war ended in 1970. The Fulanis were much pre-eminent in all rank and files of the military which accorded them undue aggrandizement and advantage to be more conspicuous in every coup d'état that has taken place in the country's geopolitical chequered history.

Conversely, in essence, the manifestation of Ahamadu Bello's utterance 59 years after has gradually come to past. The current generations of the Hausa- Fulani political leaders are more resilient to continue to clinch power irrespective of what it will cause them while the South and the middle- belt continued to play the second fiddle.

Since Buhari ascended to power the Fulanis from all over West Africa and Central Africa particularly; Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Niger, Sudan, Chad, Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau, Cameroon, Burkina-Faso and the Gambia have congregated into the country through the northern borders which now becomes a security threat to the country. The new nomadic Fulani migrants are quite different from the formal northern Nigerian Fulani herdsmen who were docile and placid in nature.

The pedigree of a northern Fulani herdsman was the one that was friendly; he strictly deals with his herds. He doesn't carry any weapon except a wooden stick and probably dagger or jackknife, bow and arrow just for self-defence and against cattle rustlers. But the new breeds of Fulani herdsmen are well armed with AK47 rifles, hand grenade, rocket launcher, and other dangerous weapons. They are into kidnapping, raping, armed robbery, terrorism, ritualism and other forms of crime. Ironically, they have merged with the Boko Haram and other terror organisations just to perpetuate their illicit activities in the country. Presently, Nigeria is a breeding ground for terrorist activities, and the proliferation of dangerous weapons due to lack of good intelligence surveillance network and rapid response squads.

Since the post-civil war, under no circumstance has the country gone through such a security threat it is experiencing at the moment. The country has gone from bad to worse because of Buhari's stiff- neck attitude on ethnic dichotomy and fulanisation. For instance, all the nation's 17 hierarchy security positions including the intelligence agencies were allotted to the Northern Muslim. The three arms of government which includes; the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary are all headed by Muslim. So to say, Buhari is a religious bigot because all his appointments were driven by clandestine religious agenda.

One could remember vividly the Buhari's mantra in his inaugural swearing-in speech in May 2015, "I belong to everybody and belong to nobody." But today, Buhari belongs to few highly placed individuals and his Fulani race. He promised Nigerians that his administration's top priority was to dismantle Boko Haram's terrorist cells in the Northern parts of the country, fight corruption and bring back the missing Chibok school girls. Today, none of his promises has come to fruition instead; Boko Haram has grown into a bigger terrorist organisation. Consequently, it becomes a terror network that has caught across all the West African sub-region as they are now known to be the Islamic State of West Africa Province; the branch of ISIS.

The brazen corruption in his administration is unimaginable, coupled with extrajudicial killing, political witch-hunting and other societal ills. All these vices are the trademark of the present administration. President Buhari is gradually becoming a full-blown dictator if he is not properly checkmated, perhaps he will lead Nigeria into a closed chapter. At the moment, the country's economy is not really doing fine, with the foreign reserve at its lowest digits. Conversely, if things continue this way by the next few months Nigeria may join other leagues of failed States likes the Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Currently, according to the National Bureau Statistics, the Nigeria economy grew more slowly in the second quarter of 2019 than it did in the first quarter. The Gross Domestic Product growth rate fell 1.94 per cent in Q2 from 2.10 per cent in Q1. At the moment; the country's external debt stood at N24.3 trillion which perhaps the government is still expected to borrow more money in the coming months.

The Buhari's government has emphatically dimmed the future of many Nigerians. The rate of suicide cases in the country is becoming alarming. Many have been forced out of jobs, pension workers are not being paid, the educational system and other government infrastructures are in a decayed state. The question is where is the country heading to? Many have been calling for the disintegration of the country hence the marriage of convenience has not worked. The reality is that things are not really working well for the country as an entity. Sadly those who want the country to continue with the sham marriage are the ones that have a high stake in the government and some few individuals who are being fed with crumbs from Aso Rock table.

It is obvious; that Buhari has nothing to offer the nation! Unfortunately, the remaining years of his tenure in office will be a period tumultuous change for Nigeria. As the Fulanis herdsmen will continue their mission of conquest and unleashing mayhem to those that oppose them for their insatiable quest for 'land grab'. At the moment; the country is deeply divided and the process of healing will be difficult. Many have been hurt especially the downtrodden, the disfranchised, the voiceless and most of all; those who've lost their relatives and beloved ones in the hands of the Fulani herdsmen. What about the parents of the Chibok girls whose children are still in the hands of the Boko Haram terrorist group? The present government has failed in all facet of governance.

It will be difficult for the nation to come together as one again unless the issue of Fulanis killing spree is addressed then the nation can start a healing process. Anything short of this will be an effort in futility. More so; there must be a total restructuring of the country's economic and political system where justice, equality, freedom and equity, will prevail. Where no ethnic, race or group of persons will see the country's leadership as patrimony. And where resources control will be enshrined in the nation's constitution (i.e.) a situation; where a state will control and manage its resources and equally develop at its own pace. This will be the only way out for Nigeria!!