Thursday, October 17, 2019
Arizona, USA

Dear quintessential Naomi,

am very happy and excited to write you this letter! Congratulations on your brilliant outing a few days ago. While your big Nigerian brothers and sisters are playing silly and naughty on social media in the diaspora, as an 11-year-old kid, you were at the world stage in Vienna, Austria dazzling plenary session of robust minds with your brilliant performance. Earlier this week, as an 11-year-old anti-corruption activist, you addressed the High-Level Education For Justice conference in Vienna, Austria. You are a quintessential and meritorious Nigerian Ambassador with amazing performance in Vienna, Austria.

The pertinent question is: how many of these adult Nigerians will read and share your glory and value on social media? Some of your naughty older Nigerian brothers and sisters will rather share their booties or bumbums and twerk them to nothingness! It is heartwarming to note that, as young as you are: you're aware and very proud of your country-Nigeria. Your dream of a great Nigeria lurks in the ideals of optimism, regeneration, and renewal of hope of a better Nigeria.

Your gaiety really colored our hearts with reassuring believe in a great and united Nigeria. Nigeria is a deposit of natural resources and a bank of human capital. Thank you, young Miss Naomi Oloyede. You make yourself and all of us proud. You were the topic of discussion in a well-studded discussion-gathering today in the United States. I felt so hopeful and very proud to be a full-blooded Nigerian listening to your eloquent beginning, persuasion, and presentation at the Education conference in Vienna, Australia session.

Meanwhile, the substance of your presentation speaks to the souls of your leaders in Nigeria and Africa. You are a young Nigerian girl dazzling the world with your presentation on the war on corrupt practices. At the gathering of the representatives of the world-renowned-United Nations, your mesmerizing articulation gave me goosebumps and elation! Your disposition shows that you come from a humble background and a well-nurtured home. Life is beautiful when you see beautiful things around you.

Admirably, your articulate and brilliant mind is a great asset to Nigeria and the world. Who are your parents and mentors, Naomi? Your parents: the Oloyedes, your teachers, and others who have helped to polish your quintessential mind deserve accolades. Those who are singlehandedly bringing your young articulate mind to the international spotlight from a dysfunctional system deserve our respect and attention.

There are millions of young Naomi Oloyedes everywhere in Nigeria who are languishing in a wasteland. Your voice at the world stage must ginger us to feel more determined to vocalize change on behalf of all the kids like you in Nigeria. As you are being studious and pursuing your career, your future is bright and assured. Remain focussed on your evolving values and the pursuit of happiness your family has given you. You are surely on the right path!

The government of Nigeria must invest heavily in the future of the Nigerian youth group like you. Though, as you read this letter to your admiration, Naomi Oloyede: we love you, and we strongly believe that you and your contemporary kids are the true geniuses and magnificent representations of the progress of Nigeria. Again, thank you very much for making us proud as Nigerians in the Diaspora!

God bless you, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Yours sincerely,

Yahaya Balogun