Thursday, October 17, 2019
Arizona, USA

"Most Nigerians are in search of everything from needless something." •Yahaya Balogun

few days ago, Nigerian fouled cyberspace went agog with a buzz, gossip, butt, and naughtiness. The nothingness in the naughtiness of these savvy cyborgs brought a complete international embarrassment to the complacent youth, in a country looking for a way out of her various self-induced problems. The mirage, social and economic quagmire plaguing our youth are being taken for granted by the same unsuspecting youth. Our youthful demography is one of the most unserious ones in the continent of Africa. I blame the ignorant youth for 'everything from needless something.'

Take a cursory look at the silent transformation and confusion going on in the country. Instead of the youths to come together to collectively solve their problems, they are getting encouraged and enmeshed in negative news and the amplification of premeditated lies. The grouse of these children of corruption in Nigeria is that these chunks of freebies have no more access to free money, hence they are bent on going back to yesterday to destroy today in order to endanger the optimism we have for tomorrow.

As a Buharist, expectedly, during the week of anomie in Nigeria, my inboxes on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger were inundated with the cropped and manufactured photos of the imaginary wedding of President Muhammadu Buhari. The motive behind the forwarded pictures and messages was to make fun of me and other unrepentant Buharists. While I remain baffled, I couldn't fathom the ignominious believe that some "educated people," nitwits, "well-informed" could descend or stoop so low to trade, tirade and invest in social media lies, stupidity, and other "tories." Those who joyfully manufacture egregious lies are seasoned predators and infantile career liars who have no iota of shame in them. They benefit immensely from chaos and dysfunctional society. Underneath them is void with no collective empathy for the vulnerable members of the public.

Meanwhile, so many lies that flew around and celebrated with impunity regarding Buhari's imaginary presidential wedding were null and void. It was stupidly naughty and uncalled for! Initially, this writer deliberately ignored the expensive jokes! My deliberate indifference actually tallied with the deliberate Aso Rock's silence on the hyped and viral lie on social media.

Why some dysfunctional homes would want a functional home to get destroyed is unfathomable and lazy to me. When you expect our youths to expend their energy on reasonable and resourceful ventures, they're lazily subscribing to unnecessary issues that have no positive leverage on their future! It is heartwarming to note that Buhari's family, particularly Aisha, the first-lady is taking the conspiracy theory as one of the unserious issues plaguing a nation with a moral crisis and outsized wilderness. Aisha's response on arrival from her well-deserved vacation to the egregious lies shows her unblemished love and respect for her husband. The response and disposition of the imaginary "bride" while in attendance on behalf of Nigeria at the United Nations summit shows a woman with diplomatic savviness, patience, and acumen.

Take a half-assed look at the ban on the importation of the unnecessary goods we can produce in our country. It is having positive futuristic effects on the Nigerian economy. Agriculture is gradually walking itself back to the booming era. Going forward, the economy is beginning to thrive as a result of inward-looking for self-worth and sustainable development. It's a welcome and painful development we must all embrace. The nation will benefit from the gesture in the nearest future.

Furthermore, while we are leveraging the future, We must not be discouraged to discount and discourage our "educated" youth and "certificated illiterates" who have polluted the conscience and consciousness of nascent minds in recent years. Nigerian youth group is one of the most egregiously confused demographic groups I have seen in the modern world. Too much deliberate ignorance, shallowness, and callowness assail. Instead of them to celebrate self-love and intelligence, they wanton in self-love and grotesque grandstanding, and opportunism.

The defeating and deafening silent of Aso Rock to the nonsense and national Buhari's imaginary wedding to me was deliberate. It seemed deliberate to make the agents or carriers of the naughty and lie look so stupid. And I think the strategy worked and achieved its aims. You all remember the imaginary "cloned President Jubrin" of Nigeria? You remember how the soulless secessionist sold the idea of a cloned person to a well known "pastor?" In the age of modernism, some of these "pastors" and certificated illiterates" bought the shallowness and traded it for weeks before President Buhari jokingly debunked the most purchased idiotic commodity, in recent times amongst the youths and religious leaders.

Ultimately, each time the premeditated lies and conspiracy theories surfaced on the Nigerian internet space, the warped people jostling for lies actually looked stupid. Now, in the coming weeks, they will be on the lookout for another week of needless and fake news to spread their sustained falsehood. Mediocrity has replaced meritocracy. The Nigerian youths have no penchant for excellent service, rather, they are subsumed in dirty shows of shame like Big Brother Nigeria-BBN and the festivity or celebration of nudity, moral perfidy, and humiliation of our country before the international community. The moral fabrics of our nation are sinking into the abyss of time.

Comrade Sowore is incommunicado, and the agitation for his conditional and unconditional release is fading away, leaving the poor buddy-boy to his (un)bargaining fate! Insecurity and national disfigurement aren't important to my contemporary youths. My fellow compatriots are self-subsumed in conspiracy theories and premeditated lies to achieve nothingness for a mortgaged future.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. But creating a bleak future with cynicism, lies, naughtiness and unproductive venture is concerning to a nation endowed with impeccable men and women of valor. We will continue to educate ourselves to get our mojo right. I am very optimistic that the voices of the placable majority of people among us will continue to counter and dwarf the naughty voices of an implacable minority among us in Nigeria.

Lazy Leaders, Lazy Youths! A nation under the grip of laziness and corruption, yet the "just" are burdened by the irritable behavior of the children of corruption! The citizens want a good life, yet no one wants to work for honesty, probity, and integrity. But-me-no-but is imperative to answer our mundane problems? No! We shall continue to drum the pleas for collective reasoning!

While President Buhari is making a painful change for sanity, he must earnestly bring palliative care to a nation in dire need of an uncomfortable chance. The suffering of the people must be swiftly addressed while the nation undergoes a painful work-in-progress. Nigerian youths have gone back to slumber again. We need concerted efforts to wake them up! God willing, we will continue to do so without any sway or unnecessary repentance.