Monday, October 14, 2019
Arizona, USA

"Here lies the man who fought for the emancipation of minds through mindfulness to bring amity to the troubled world." •Yahaya Balogun

alues are principles, standards or qualities by which we live our lives; our values shape the person we become, and our actions to our neighbors and humanity reflect those values.

A liberated man is free, fair-minded, fearless and humanistic. He's not burdened by the noises emanating from the cyborg market, or enemies' territory! A liberated mind is mindful of his association and carefully chooses his friends and acquaintances. He is conscious and mindful of what he does to other people. All his actions are from the repository of good ideas for man’s humanity to man. A liberated man is a complete man with mindfulness, emulative values, consistency, and love.

The mind of a good man is geared towards enlivening and stimulating the souls of his neighbors and adversaries alike for their success and happiness altogether. A man with a purposeful mind is focused and anticipatory about the results of the good he has invested in. His integrity is revealed when his character is tested. He keeps true and never gets ashamed of doing what's right or best for him and humanity. The value of a liberated man defines him and shapes the kind of person he becomes in life and thereafter. He has zero tolerance for pretense, hatred, idiocy and other negative nuances of life. He is not perfect but his fallibility makes reasonable and humble when he realizes his mistakes or wrongdoings.

A man with a liberated mind fights fearlessly with no opportunistic expectations and grandstanding. His encumbrance is his deafening silence in the face of oppression and tyranny. A complete man is a conscientious man in the subset of men with vices and wickedness. His humanism distinguishes him from among the dishonorable people. He shares his beliefs; virtues, integrity, principles, and missions with unblemished vigor and robustness for the common good of all. A complete man doesn't mind the short-term consequences or rewards for his act of goodwill, but he's fixated on the imports of his deeds in the long-run to benefit him and humanity.

On the other hand, a warped mind is a reservoir for uncanny man to deposit resentment, vices, hatreds, and manipulations. One of the greatest damages uncanny man has done to society has been his refusal or nonchalant attitude to discover his value through mindfulness. Uncanny man is very narcissistic, jealous, opportunistic, mindless and resentful of others. He is always in penchant rivalry or competition with others rather than with himself!

Every man has roommates (negative and positive minds). A resentful man listens constantly to the negative voice of his roommate (i.e., the blistering mind of hate and resentment). The voice of his positive roommate is always dwarfed by the negative voice of his defeatist roommate. Uncanny man has no compliment or encouraging disposition towards the other man making progress. He is always striving for the unwinnable war of envy and needless struggle with his midget mind.

The completeness of a man is embedded or assembled in his subconscious mind. When a man rediscovers himself, he is liberated from the existential invasion of his mind by the selfish figures of the affluence, bad friends and powerful people around him. He is immune to antisocial behavior and societal vices. A liberated man is ensconced in constant self-evaluation and rediscovery. Through self-discovery, a liberated mind becomes a renewed man and predisposes to self-consciousness. A liberated man only believes in what will be engraved in his tomb after he kicks the bucket. Greed, hedonism, resentment, extremism, opportunism, jealousy, bigotry and hatred are not found in his personage or lexicon. He always enjoys constant happiness, and the inner tranquility and peace flowing ceaselessly from the (subconscious) base of his mind.

Collectively, the common humanity that is in all of us should rise up now. People should be morally rearmed to join other people of goodwill to fight corruption, unhealthy competitions, hatreds, terrorism, religious and ethnic bigotry; jealousy and deliberate divisiveness in our society. To bring peace to our environment is better than engaging in the negative nuances that can bring war, hatred, and disorderliness for our collective destruction.

Generally, life is not fair and just, but it's beautiful to a just, thoughtful and mindful mind. What divinely unites humanity (Love) is more than those defeatist nuances (racism, bigotry, hate, war, jealousy, false-religiosity, resentment, etc.) that divide the world. Your existential legacy should be your responsibility now before you expire. What man needs now is to rediscover himself through mindfulness; do self-talk; reinvest in moral armament to bring inner peace to himself, peace to his neighbors, and peace to the world.