Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Arizona, USA

Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, Unilag lecturer accused of sex for marks

y Alma mater-University of Lagos is under the mercantilism of international media scrutiny! It is a complete embarrassment to hear a reputable university and its supposed "man of God" and his contemporary lecturers seducing undercover students at the University of Lagos. Unilag is now a macrocosm of the sexual war and sensualization of women in our society.

The BBC documentary on this culprit French lecturer in Unilag is damning and very concerning! In the BBC's documentary, Mr. Boniface was heard seducing a 17-year-old undercover girl in his office. He told the young undercover girl to be his "side chick" and he would be her "side guy." Man is not what you think he is, he is what he hides! The supposed man of God was also heard in the audible voice leading praise and worship songs on campus! "Shiiors" to all these fake "gods of men" and "roforofo" half-baked lecturers spoiling the good ones among them.

My prestigious University and national pride is under investigation and international spotlight! What is in a man's mind in our pride university is beyond moral and academic comprehension. My alma Mata is becoming a cesspool of sexual gratification, innuendos, covetousness and sexual infantilism.

Sex has been weaponized to tame, seduce, coarse and manipulate the male and female population in a nation (Nigeria) grappling with her serious impending transformation to getting it right. The physical trading and outright commercialization of sex in Unilag is age-long and huge! If you know, you know. In Unilag, if your state of mindfulness is altered, you will likely be like Dr. Boniface and his partners in sexual gratification, assault and harassment.

What is the "big deal" about SEX 'paapaa'? A less than five minutes enjoyment (ejaculation) that can either send you to long term damnation, or abruption in your hard-earned intellectual reputation! Sex is more potent to destroy life than the barrel of guns, the affliction of diseases or juju-voodoo. The potency of sex to destroy should not be underestimated. Lust has displaced love in our today's relationships. The manner with which some Nigerian lecturers engage in quid pro quo with female students is alarming! Man must close his eyes to the sensualization of women of easy virtue in our institutions. The easiest way to ruin your academic and moral credentials is to fall for easy women. The eyes of man must avoid prurient viewing or interest in twerking women on our campuses!

This offensive news emanating from my beloved University is a serious case that must be investigated and tackled by the authority of the University of Lagos. My reputable university-UNILAG must not be a breeding ground for religious and academic prostitution, hustling and lusciousness of men of uncontrollable lust for sexual urges or orgies! All the Dr. Bonifaces in Unilag and other institutions in Nigeria must be rooted out to restore academic sanity and excellence back to our banks of knowledge. The law must take its course to stop the quid pro quo between "SEX toys" (female students) and ACADEMICS infantilists (randy and insatiable lecturers) at the institutions of learning in Nigeria.

Our citadel of learning-UNILAG must be made to maintain her pride as "one and the ONLY university with others" in Nigeria nay Africa...lol! My Alma mata's exceptionalism must be preserved, because, the University of Lagos has always been a second to none amongst her contemporary universities in Africa.

For more revelation on this damning and embarrassing documentary on UNILAG and Ghana university, go to BBC website for more information.