Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Arizona, USA

"I shall not denigrate my country or rebuke her impending victory over some intentioned evils. I will add my sense of optimism, voice and vigor to the voices of reasoning yearning for her greatness." -Yahaya Balogun

ow time flies!!! Prior to President Muhammadu Buhari's inauguration in 2015, I warned Baba Buhari to beware of Dele Momodu and his contemporaries' romanticism and their constant "cum" pilgrimage to Aso Rock at the period. I upbraided Mr. President to come not near political prostitutes, opportunists and grandstanders. I warned Buhari to beware of the political jobbers and pilgrims' pilgrimages to Daura and Abuja.

I remember admonishing Buhari to take heed of Any Government in Power-AGIP, and that he should come not near political Tortoises. Now, the chicken have come home to roost. Just like the contemporary freebies and opportunists, when Bob D didn't get what he wanted from the principled president, hell was let loose. Dele turned his back and began to sing a new unpleasant songs of displeasure of a man he helped to mount the historic mantle of leadership to office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dele Momodu's once-upon-a-time the loudest Ovation has suffered from the economic frugality and thriftiness of the Sheriff in town. The unrepentant anti-corruption czar isn't blinking an inch from his focused at revamping Nigeria from economic sabotage and criminal looting. The President's broadcast to the world on the Nigeria 59th Independence Day anniversary lubricates my optimism for a nation under work-in-progress.

Egbon Dele Momodu and his coterie should just simmer! The wisemen and women in Nigeria should admonish them that: b ekn b dal, ay mb lo wr! (Literally, after rains come sunshine)!

The crowd of optimists traveling to Nigeria should help us to tell egbon Dele; his religious and political entrepreneurs that these soothing words from the United States Supreme Court Judge, Sonia Sotomayor prevail: People who live in difficult circumstances need to know that happy endings are possible." I strongly believe in her axiomatic (self-evident and unquestionable) expression.

Nigeria shall overcome, and we shall all be representations and beneficiaries of her impending greatness and prosperity. Amin!

Stay optimistic and work harder unity of purpose for the victory of Nigeria.