Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Arizona, USA

"I let the inner light shine through me. I allow the inner genius to awaken and accomplish its goals through me. I awaken to higher illumination, bringing my work into line with divine guidance." -- David Dillard-Wright

olks, as you wake up every day, make every moment count to begin again. Do not be discouraged by the competing noises around you. Be determined and focused. Remember that every day, every moment, is a new chance and challenge to getting it right. Yesterday is gone with its burdens and rewards. You can only use yesterday to shape today in order to bring a fulfilling tomorrow. Remember, you have not lost anything whatsoever, for, at this moment, the possibilities lie open to you.

Every day opens to you with difficult tasks and easy tasks; difficult choices and easy choices. Every choice or task you choose possesses positive or negative rewards. Do not allow the outcome of a negative choice or task to discourage or define you. Do not seek validation from a man. You are the ONLY one who can favorably author your own life, and tell your own story accurately.

One of the greatest fulfillment a mindful man can get in life is the validation from the "self" in him. When a man's good roommate (positive thought) is in the affirmative form to validate a man for what he is or does, it will be easy for him to be existentially recognized by the society when time is ripe. Every man is subconsciously gifted to discern good from the bad. Our thought process and the choice we make sometimes determine the outcome of our self-talk and action.

Great people are not great by happenstance, their greatness comes from the consistency of their meticulous endeavors, mindfulness, and hard work. Great minds are not always, if not, never get motivated by unhealthy competitions. A great man favorably competes with the self in him. He constantly evaluates and criticizes himself whenever he makes progress or falters. Great men have never faded into the fickle conscience and consciousness of their adversaries.

Great men do not seek validation from the world, but the world validates their incredible works for their true worthiness. Every human being is imbued with the incredible power of thought and imagination. Lazy man's inability to harness this power of imagination for possibilities is his burden. The moment you seek validation from the impressionistic minds or perceptions of others about you, the more you're bludgeoned in your heart; and burdened by the constant futile expectations from those who are waiting for your mistakes, downfall or failure. Do not be like that expectant guy! Consistency and enforcement of your expectations provide the basis for effective planning of your action to a state of accomplishment.

Malevolent minds from time immemorial have never liked to invest in the failure of others, but the investment they're willing to have in a successful person is premised upon expectations of their incentivized motivation, instant gains, gratification or profits, not the care for the real (un)successful or person in you. Validate yourself today, in order for you to be mindfully validated by the world tomorrow.

Stay mindfully blessed!