Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Arizona, USA

"A good man is a man who prefers to "laugh last" to teach existential lessons to those who prefer to "laugh first!" In the realms of existential reality, those who prefer to laugh first hardly experience the pains of other people but only to feel their own pains in the end." - Yahaya Balogun

immy Carter shares from my life quote above. I have no reservation whatsoever to celebrate the goodwill and goodness in any human beings to a high heaven. All I need from your personality is genuineness and ingenuity of integrity, not your human fallibility.

Though in jiffy, out of time constraint, I am really inspired by President Jimmy Carter's turbulent career and his moral persona. This icon of inspiration gives me a great opportunity to express my mind through this piece to give a synopsis of his memorable and peaceful life. Jimmy Carter is a man who has shaped millions of lives with his christ-like persona. Baba Carter is one of my muses in the world of humankindness. Jimmy Carter was a former US president. He is a Sunday School teacher and Philanthropist who has given the world more than the world has given him, yet the humbled man believes that the world has given him more than he deserves. A unique family man who has maintained the turbulence of marriage for decades with his amiable wife. A man who has turned so many adversities into joy in so many homes, all across the world. The tools of kindness above are being used by President Carter as his moral compass.

Carter is a man who sees love, philanthropy and compassion before he sees idiosyncrasies of religion. He uses religion as a tool to bring humanity to amity. Carter's Sunday school lessons are foods for the nourishment of souls yearning for survival and salvation from the troubled world and imagined or real hereafter respectively. As a proud Muslim, I have consumed some of Carter's words and works in academics, politics, religion and humankindness. His works are sumptuous spiritual meals for nourishing wandering souls, and for moral rearmament. Though, Carter is a fallible human being, his utterances and moral socialization are laced with wisdom, bitter and moral lessons devoid of the prevalent toxicity in today's human social interactions.

Meanwhile, fallible people like Carter have taught us the fragility inherent in our everyday lives. Just like other men and women who are destined to survive, and to impact their different environments positively, Jimmy Carter providentially de-metastasized and defeated cancer through the grace of God. In his periods of pains and tribulation, he has always anchored his trust in God for miracles and healing. And God truly healed him.

Jimmy Carter is also a man of peace and beacon of hope for humanity. In times of war, Carter preaches peace. In times of political argy-bargy, his sanctimonious voice resonates in the minds of peacemakers. No wonder, Jimmy Carter was effortlessly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 "for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development." Jimmy Carter remains one of the quintessential Presidents who preserve the exceptionalism of the United States of America.

In view of this writing, Carter's tested character is a source of encouragement and harmony for some of us striving to preserve integrity for a better society. Man cannot give what he doesn't possess, but man can actually acquire what he doesn't have through patience, knowledge, wisdom and understanding from his habitat or environment. As the enigmatic figure celebrates his birthday today, he's not only being globally celebrated genuinely, but his enduring legacy and humanism will continue to enhance our altitudes to maintain our moral compasses. Jimmy Carter's legacy endures!

Happy birthday, sir!