Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Arizona, USA

he current viral video on the internet is a serious indictment on your administration. Those who are involved in the extortion of the Nigerian travelers at our ports of entry should be made a deterrent to others. We want government saboteurs to go to jail. As a nation, bribery and corruption kill like cancer. These two (bribery and corruption) were killing Nigeria before your administration; the remnant of corruption is mushrooming again into the national consciousness.

The menace of bribery and corruption has metastasized the soul of Nigeria. You cannot curb this national malaise alone. We are all involved. And the buck stops on your table, Mr. President! Your administration's vision is a defining moment in the ugly history of our dear nation. Those who think they have all the mojos or amulets of politics in their political closets, and at the detriment of their supporters' cognition, their political strategy may fail them when they least expected. They should ask Baba Iyabo-Mr. Tortoise. The man is now political cancer and liability to any politician in Nigeria. Overambitious politics of individuals is not only dangerous, but it's also detrimental to a nation under work-in-progress. Mr. Know-all should beware..!!!

Meanwhile, your administration is undoubtedly facing the most egregious resistance from those who want the ugly 'yesterday' to return today to further break our tomorrow, and the future of generations to come! The courageous woman who shot the viral video clip for the conscientization and awareness of the people, and for your government's action must be commended. I hope the video continues to go viral to expose those who are bent on destroying Nigeria. Some of your concerned citizens who live in an organized country where things work are not happy with the remnants of corruption in Nigeria. You must continue to act for the common good of the masses. Recently, my inboxes were inundated with messages of government tariff on the personal effects of Nigerians arriving at homeland. It is a new development that needs clarification.

Meanwhile, as your government is carefully detaching us from the ugly past, it must also walk a fine line to ameliorate the suffering of the people without putting them more on the mode of "suffering and smiling." Some of us in the diaspora seldom consume alien foods. Nigerian foods are the staple foods we eat with relish and satisfying tastes. Common foodstuff for domestic consumption shouldn't be a burden to the travelers going back from abroad to their respective 'second homes' or homeland. Your administration needs men and women of integrity to make your government's policies work for the generality of all Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora. Your administration is faced with the daunting judgment of history. History is a stunning umpire! It takes no side to dispense justice for posterity. The good or bad we do today is an instrument for future assessment and development, and for generations to come.

While Nigerians at home are excruciatingly dwelling in squalor, their counterparts and compatriots abroad are in trepidation (fear) of visiting or relocating to their beloved country. Roads are death-traps, power is comatose and other necessities of life are luxury. Ordinary common passport renewal or acquisition for Nigerians abroad is a great problem. A national disgrace! Concerned Nigerians go above board daily to leverage on the positive image of a new Nigeria your government projects in the international community, but saboteurs and your government's deliberate or unconscious indifference and ineptitude of your handlers have punctuated our hope for a new Nigeria. Our hope is on the horizon, and a new Nigeria is possible if the nuances (laws) of governance are adhered to and implemented. The swift decisions you make today will be a catalyst to shape the outcome of those decisions tomorrow. As determined citizens, we will continue to encourage you to leverage on your good agenda and vision for Nigeria.

Mr. President, be cognizant of so many agents of destabilization: ranging from within and outside of your government. People who are very selfishly futuristic in their political ambition: those who lost in the last political dispensation will continue to disrupt your vision for Nigeria. They will continue to manufacture fictional lies to deflect their failure of imagination. You must flush out people who are burdensome to the Nigerian future and your administration. You must hire credible and competent Nigerians who are apolitical to work with your government to achieve your laudable vision for Nigeria. It's heartwarming that Nigeria is looking inward to return to the Nigerian pyramid era in Cocoa in the West, groundnut in the North and other self-sufficiency in agricultural and food production in the East. Agriculture is currently booming in our country, and agriculture remains the mainstay of the country's economy. Your administration must maintain the momentum, encourage farmers to make our dear bleeding country return to the food basket of Africa and the world.

Lastly, the deterrent to corruption and indiscipline in Nigeria should be your watchword. Nigerian ports of entry (both land and sea) are mirrors to foreigners to and from our country. As the security at our borders is being strengthened, our airports must be made to compete with other developed countries in the world in terms of professional responsibilities to the public. Those who extort money from travelers must be apprehended and brought to book. The viral video must be forensically examined, and culprits at our borders and ports of entry must be publicly arrested and tried in order to bring sanity to Nigeria.

God bless you, sir, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.