Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Arizona, USA
Gov. Seyi Makinde, No Shaking! A NATIONAL DISGRACE?

dmissively, it is shocking and soothing to hear the mixed rulings against and for Gov. Seyi Makinde's electoral victory in the last general election in Oyo State. The nullification of APC's Appeal is a clear indication that Mr. Oluwaseyi Makinde remains the executive Governor of Oyo State. Period!

The circumstantial facts are there that the people of Oyo State overwhelmingly voted for individuals with credible characters, not party affiliates in the last governorship election. Therefore, Governor Makinde should be rest assured that our nascent democratic norms are on trial, not his governorship and the people's mandate! The umpired Nigerian jurisprudence will validate his continued government until the next political compensation. Governor Makinde's political distractors should simmer!

Meanwhile, I am an unbiased strong believer in integrity and impeccable individuals not hedonistic groups of people at any party. Governor Makinde's victory shall be upheld at the highest court of the land if the dispute expeditiously goes there! President Buhari is not an executive usurper like Mr. Tortoise ??, that's the beauty of the current political dispensation and brouhaha. Buhari is a man of integrity. Buhari's non-interference in the current legal battles and political settings is commendable.

Governor Makinde is on the right side of history. He has started with a good foundation in the business of governance in Oyo state. He is a role model to evolving young Nigerians aspiring to the highest offices in the homeland. I don't have personal or selfish expectations from Mr. Makinde, but his disposition to governance is leeway and roadmap for the youth to get its acts together. Would they? A million-dollar question!

So, my ebullient "Mr. Governor" Makinde, focus on your transformative agenda for the people of Oyo state. Truth knows no bounds, it shall set you free from the top, Mr. Governor!

Ride on!