Sunday, November 10, 2019
Arizona, USA
Hello, Dear "Mr. Governor"

he grandstanding on this "Your Excellency" is a political gimmick! An escape route to dodge the responsibility concerning the state of chaos in Lagos. Please, Oga Sanwo-Olu, I beg, just do your job and let us see the results of good governance in the megacity of Lagos state. Clean the monstrous mountains and heaps of refuse oozing (out) stenches as environmental hazards to the health of people in the metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria. Oga Gomina, just repair bad Owutu-Isawo-Ikorodu roads menacing the lives of the dwellers of Isawo, Ikorodu suburbs and other horrible potholed roads in Lagos state.

Recently, I saw a pothole on a Lagos major road on social media, the road artistically depicted the map of Nigeria. I didn't know whether to cry, or see it as hilariously sad or wimp! Ridiculously, a journey of 35 minutes here in Arizona, USA roads will take more than 5 hours on the Lagos roads. How we survive daily in this (Lagos) hub of investment and chaotic megacity is beyond human fathom and comprehension. Mr. Governor, enough of this political jiggery-pokery. Get down to business, sir!

Oga Gomina, your election was premised on politics, not religion. Religion is always a culprit and the shock absorber for the ineptitude of our leaders. Religion should be left out of service to the people who elected you, sir! Stop being pedestrian and holier than thou in the business of governance. It's generally believed now that anytime an African man cum Nigerian fails, or has dereliction of his duty or responsibility, he's quick to invoke the name of God to cover his inefficiency and the warped eyes of his gullible religious but godless followers!

Sadly, when African man or politician is losing face through inefficiency and shoddiness, or with the consciousness of guilt, he knows that the opium of the impoverished and ignorant masses is RELIGION. He relishes in narcissism through "Hallelujah" and "Allah Akbar" to hoodwink the noncorrectable children of Uthman and colonial imperialists. Let a typical politician or religious leader in Naija just say "Insha Allah", or "In Jesus name", his deliberate failures will be rancorously forgiven. He will be made to go and sin and come back again for his usual political repentance. He will then come back to shout the sacred name of Almighty God/Allah with blasphemous alacrity.

In a state of dystopia, the revolving cycle of Hobbesian behavior goes on and on....!!! Such is the dystopian mind of our leaders and their followers in Africa nay, Nigeria. Interestingly, Nigeria's political and religious firmament is currently cloudy with political and religious abracadabra, lies, and deceit. But imminently, the cloudy firmament of Nigeria will become unclouded and clear: it will rain with torrent assurance and karmatic results, and it will be a sunny day again. Just do your job consciousnessly, Mr. Governor!

Thanks in anticipation, sir, of good governance!