Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Arizona, USA

S 2020 is around the corner. The current political quagmire and polarization in the United States of America is a clear warning to all Americans, and other political stakeholders to thread it softly, softly. The forthcoming general election on November 8, 2020, is going to be another defining moment in the history of the United States of America. America must strive to maintain its exceptionalism and her prominent leadership roles in global affairs. The world looks unto American for leadership, political succor, and the power of her examples. All efforts must be made to conscientize all American voters about the need to preserve American uniqueness and exceptionalism.

The ugly events in the last three years in America are a providential warning to America to reorder her political value in order to maintain her prominent role in the global community. America must avoid being like a biblical Roman empire. America must see the enemies within in order to deal with the enemies outside her shores or territorial integrity. Many of American adversaries within and outside the United States are waiting for the precipice or downfall of her mighty and prosperous entity and beings. We must maintain her star-spangled banner-the symbol of extraordinary status in the comity of nations. The United States of America is at the crossroads in the world polity theory. In the last few decades, the US has contributed immensely and positively to world peace. In some quarters, my opinion on an American leadership role is a debatable proposition. But for or against, America remains a formidable force in global affairs.

In a nutshell, I know that political permutations are no longer relevant in the current global democracy. But any attempt by Democratic National Convention to cede their nomination to any candidate other than Joe Biden will be a recipe for political disaster! Joe Biden stands the chance of beating Donald Trump (the current POTUS) like a drum in the forthcoming potential historic election in the US. Any candidate from Democratic National Convention-DNC other than Joe Biden, to face and attempt to defeat President Trump (Biden is rjj-terrifier for this loquacious POTUS) will be a beautiful gift for indecorum in 2020.

Meanwhile, the stake is extremely high for America and the Democratic National Convention! The experiences from Brexit-brouhaha and the 2016-electoral-Kremlin-abracadabra should be a warning and clear roadmap for America to see beyond one-man who is oiling his ego for puritanical gratification. The future of the American republic stands on the collective patriotic stance of the Republicans and Democrats, and all Americans with a unique sense of imagination. American exceptionalism is premised on not only the power and military might of America, but the unique power of her imagination, innovation, unity, and patriotism.

The mendacity and vindictiveness of Bernie Sanders in 2016 produced the current POTUS! On Super Tuesday, the nomination of either Burnie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren will be a beautiful gift for loquacious POTUS-Donald Trump on November 8, 2020. I pray this writer is proven wrong in the current and evolving political American wonder! If you know, you definitely know what this writer is talking about! The predictable political development, and polls concerning 2020 general election in this God's own country is honestly unpredictable! Time is bunk! Time will tell again! The Democratic National Convention-DNC and Americans must play safe!