Friday, May 31, 2019
Arizona, USA

Akachi Tower

kachi Tower, one of the cultural representations of the people of Imo state, was demolished barely 24 hours after Emeka Ihedioha, the new governor of Imo state was sworn into office.

Emeka Ihedioha's brand-new government began precisely on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. This is not how to start a new government! What is wrong with the minds of our people? Is Africa cursed? Is our clime suffering from generic sins? Akachi tower was recently commissioned by the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo. Akachi Tower was a cultural monument for the people of Imo State, Nigeria and the world. It is a potential hub and destination for tourism.

This writer is not a fan of Okorocha at all. But condonning bad behavior is not only a complacency but disingenuous to our conscience and the development of our clime! It isn't only egregious, outlandish and uncivilized to destroy your own property, but very juvenile behavior and barbaric in all forms.

Some of my Igbo brethren are not smart enough! Should we call it political naiveté or pure self-hate? Instead of bringing inflow of capital into Owerri, my people are encouraging capital flight! How can you demolish a monument that was built with your sweat, money, and collective efforts? A monument that adds value to your state tourism, capital gains and embellishment of your rustic environment? I find it completely embarrassing and unfathomable!

The new Governor of Imo state seems too juvenile in his thought process! He claims exoneration from the barbaric act! He just doesn't get it! I don't understand it too! The new governor's political exuberance must called to order! The election has consequences, what you do after the election also has consequences! We need to educate our beloved compatriots on how not to be devious to the future of imagination for possibilities! It's not a smart move at all to hate others in order to hate yourself!

Life is really beautiful if we know the secret of life, which is LOVE! The disadvantage of the ruinous action is also a disadvantage to the people of Owerri and Biafra, oh sorry! Nigeria. A lot of Igbo brethren I know are too smart not to talk to bring decorum to our people. The new world order is all-inclusive and participatory! No society works in isolation anymore, unless that society wants to slide back to medieval period!

I hope Owerri, Orlu and the environs, my wise compatriot Igbos, the Igbo elders, and other brethren can deconstruct the new normal and nuance in Imo State, Nigeria to save Owerri from the disgruntled Owerrians! The collective conscience of the people of Owerri should be able to predict their future in order to create it! Life is beautiful!

A word is enough for the wise!