Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Arizona, USA

Emotional British Prime Minister, Theresa May

rexit is now British anathema! Women must be cherished. They know with smartness how not to throw the baby away with the bathwater! Emotional Mrs. May on 24th May 2019, in 10, Downing Street announced her resignation as a Prime Minister of Britain. The resignation was imminently predicted by some of us who are carefully following the gradual morphing of Britain to the unknown!

May's exit as Brit's PM has further compounded Brixit's deadline expected at the end of October 2019. May's tumultuous leadership and exit has been inevitable. The next prime minister may have no arithmetic better than Therasa May. Britain may be on its way back to a journey "back to square one." Britain is in political quagmire. Brexit is now a "Regrexit!" British voters were misled by the hardliners and selfish Brit politicians who were championing politics of protectionism and isolationism! In this age of rapid shrinking of the global community into a global village, immigration nuances need to be fine-tuned and tread softly, softly! UK Prime Minister, Mrs. May may have tried her best to negotiate Britain from self-immolation. But her stubborn refusal or conviction to allow envisioned Britons' clarion call for another referendum or to re-vote again on Brexit leveraged her exit! She tried and fail to deliver a recalcitrant Brexit.

In an emotional laced statement, Theresa May said she had done her best to deliver Brexit and it was a matter of "deep regret" that she had been unable to do so. In this age of globalization, protectionism and isolationism are anachronistic to the information age! The misinformed Brits must be allowed to re-invent themselves. Time is running out for Britain. Mrs. May was extremely confused on how to save face in the face of Regrexit! Now, I am happy the indefatigable strong woman is throwing the towel to allow another "trial and error" season to fester.

Meanwhile, the xenophobic Boris Johnson is touted to succeed Mrs. May in June 2019. Boris Johnson is a hardliner who was among the chief architects of the recalcitrant Brexit. Ms. Nnedinso Ogaziechi, in one of her expositions on Brexit aptly and brilliantly stated that: "Sometimes, assumptions of greatness exposes the weakness and the myopic views of humans.

Brexit comes with all the sociopolitical and economic lessons that the world needs to learn at this time of the crass exploitation of populism. We gave all and been at the edges of our seats. We must applaud the EU for their resilience and lessons learned and taught." This is a synopsis of the existential lesson to be learned from the four nuances of Brexit: populism, isolationism, protectionism, and self-centered immigration.

Inadvertently, Britain must go back to the basics. Britain is a foundation member of the Commonwealth of Nations, and one of the participants in the new world order. At a period the world lacks moral leadership, Brexit could be an existential threat to diminish the important roles being played by Britain in the world's geopolitical structure and problems. Theresa May and her cohorts shouldn't send Britain to the abyss of time! Britain should remain in the boisterous and cohesive European Union for the sake of Britain's future prosperity, and world stability.