Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Arizona, USA

ith no gainsaying! We must commend the former presidential candidates, the fearless Omoyele Sowore and his contemporaries for their unblemished love for their country-Nigeria. Instructively, to Nigerian generation Z, Sowore was pivot for the reawakening of youths' consciousness in the 2019 presidential election.

Omoyele Sowore is a political renaissance who is at a vantage position to wake up the slumbering Nigerian youths. The failure of generation X (men of yesterday) should be a leverage for generation Z (the current youths) to discover today for realignment of their future. If the current youth of Nigeria is smart enough, it must jettison naughtiness and hopelessness to face the future of possibilities.

Enough of naughtiness on social media! Nigerian youths should begin to groom, encourage and support the indefatigable Omoyele Sowore and other youthful presidential candidates in the last general election in Nigeria. 2023 seems very far, but it is around the corner. The youth must begin an unencumbered soul-searching. It must start to liaise with President Muhammadu Buhari's progressive policies, agenda, and the war on corruption. The political condiment to liberate the disgruntled youths from the claws of men of yesterday is in the hands of the young people.

Sowore should be smart to begin to fine-tune and leverage on the success and failure of Buhari's administration. Sowore should also learn from his political inexperience in the last Nigerian political dispensation. Sowore and his ardent supporters should guard and guide their utterances about the person of Buhari. Buhari is an enigma in the politics and moral nomenclature of Nigeria. Make no mistake! Your politicians who openly hate Buhari are surreptitiously in love with his unblemished heart and integrity. Immoral politicians are only using you for their selfish profits and political expediency. Any attempt to ensnare Buhari's name in the Nigerian cocoon of insults will be a political encumbrance.

Any Nigerian aspiring to higher political positions in the future must be careful of their rhetoric and utterances. There is nothing absolutely wrong with criticizing Buhari's government constructively. But to malign his personality will be a political suicide. We must avoid etching into self-destruct! Buhari is a well-respected individual, both locally and internationally. For now, forget about the disgruntled children of hate. They are only motivated by greed and their penchant for instant gratification and corruption. They will join the progressive train when the expected tomorrow comes!

Meanwhile, Omoyele Sowore's 2019 presidential campaign's mistakes and goodwill should give him the opportunity to discern the way forward. In his journey through the murky terrain of the Nigerian polity, Sowore and other youthful leaders must walk a fine line to internalize their objectives in order to realize their political ambitions. The fear of the author of this piece is the obvious naughtiness and the failure of imagination of youths in this postmodern period of Nigeria.

Seriously, if you think, our problems in Nigeria, nay Africa is leadership alone, you are making a big mistake. Our problems are all-encompassing! Yes, the bucks stop on the leadership's table! But most of us can see when we weep. Stop manufacturing hate. The hate you give will produce dissenting views that may come back to consume or haunt you.

The best way to predict tomorrow is to begin to create it today. Sowore and others should begin the process of building political bridges, not walls and hate. Sowore and others should begin to see beyond mundane. Nigerian youths should also remember that tomorrow is not too far!

A word is enough for the wise!